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Everything posted by fstyle

  1. its very possible in f2p. you just need to take extra precautionary measures
  2. you are a VIP user so no problems fo sure
  3. Use the official rs client when doing tut by hand
  4. So.. you're bitching out because they caught you botting? Who would have thought!
  5. Yes. I quoted you since you mentioned using HD for botting, while OP might be and was probably referring to the OpenGL feature.
  6. Ofcourse you wouldn't use it when botting. There are legit players here you know. Edit: actually the opengl CAN/MAY be helpful in botting depending on the hardware you have
  7. indeed. very true. but saying what you use in public definitely makes it worse. more people using a certain script = higher likeliness of getting banned.
  8. If I were to know a good script that can bot me to a max stat I honestly wouldn't share it publicly. lul
  9. Bot on it. As long as you dont kill yourself if it gets banned.
  10. You could do much better in terms of methods tbh
  11. obby tank. just for uniqueness
  12. ugh, referral links.
  13. I recommend using fire wave at nmz instead.
  14. this is interesting
  15. if you're thinking about botting your main, then I say start creating a new account right now
  16. you should use a separate proxy on each account, and not 1 vpn for all bots
  17. trade them over to a mule. you wouldnt want to risk your main.
  18. That's your problem right there.
  19. confirmed 0 emails. I used like 4 accounts per proxy
  20. im like 100% sure I did ironman on all of em., weird.
  21. isnt it around $1/m as of now?
  22. Aint even mad. That's impressive.
  23. after choosing your character, I think you need to choose the option that was like "this is my first time playing". Since my accounts that chose that option now has membership. those accounts I made that chose the option like "I have played recently" had no membership. Not sure of this, but this is what happened to like 30 of my accounts that I made