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  1. I recommend using fire wave at nmz instead.
  2. this is interesting
  3. if you're thinking about botting your main, then I say start creating a new account right now
  4. you should use a separate proxy on each account, and not 1 vpn for all bots
  5. trade them over to a mule. you wouldnt want to risk your main.
  6. That's your problem right there.
  7. confirmed 0 emails. I used like 4 accounts per proxy
  8. im like 100% sure I did ironman on all of em., weird.
  9. isnt it around $1/m as of now?
  10. This should be like on the header of every botting forum. I've seen enough complaints also, on other sites/forums. Anyway, thats very unfortunate. Just create more bots to make back the damages.
  11. Aint even mad. That's impressive.
  12. after choosing your character, I think you need to choose the option that was like "this is my first time playing". Since my accounts that chose that option now has membership. those accounts I made that chose the option like "I have played recently" had no membership. Not sure of this, but this is what happened to like 30 of my accounts that I made
  13. Step 1: Do your own fucking research