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  1. Can I see the code?

    you can. unless the code is obfuscated.
  2. Just got my mule auto-banned for RWT

    I have a mule without any stats and quests and a mule with an hour worth of quests and stats

    oh lord please no. rsgp will crash hard.

    hopefully lots of them buys rsgp.
  5. Just got my mule auto-banned for RWT

    I don't know how you guys get your mules banned honestly. I've been using the same mule for 2+ years and I have traded alot back and forth on gold sites. I'm not doing anything but just trade straight up.
  6. VPS Causing Account Locks

    are you using proxies or just using the VPS's IP?
  7. New, General setup info?

    you definitely gotta think of a new method lol
  8. Need HELP

    maybe your botting patterns caused it. how long did you bot?
  9. Risc of ban

    not 100% sure but I think it simply reflects the stuff on the chosen client(can be official rs client, osbuddy) you're using into tribot. People claim to have lower ban rates when using looking glass but I havent personally tied it.
  10. [2nd] 2 day ban, continue or not?

    maybe play legit for now. and bot on it again after a month, but this time alot less.
  11. [2nd] 2 day ban, continue or not?

    Do you mind losing it? if yes, bot up! Is it your main that you have been using since you were in gradeschool? not worth risking it in my opinion.
  12. Help with a script

    thats gonna be pricey. try:
  13. Best Runecrafting Script?

    https://tribot.org/repository/ best way to know is to test them out. what might be good for me might not be for you, vice versa.
  14. new client

    try redownloading and deleting all tribot source folders for a start. Update java to be sure.
  15. Best combat xp/hr script for pures?

    probably sandcrabs sub 70 and nmz above 70 stats