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  1. Unless the script you used broke, it's mostly because you botted mate. Probably just a coincidence that the banned was given after a tribot update.
  2. login page -> can't login -> I am having other problems logging in -> Account bans -> Appeal a ban
  3. It's been down for a while now(last complaint of the link being down was 2 years ago). Are there any plans at bringing it back at all?
  4. fortunately you can appeal to get it back after some time. I suggest not doing it immediately tho.
  5. doesn't seem to support muling. you can use other muling scripts along with it though.
  6. multiple clients seem to be more consistent in general compared to when using multiple tabs
  7. does this mean we wouldn't be able to login if we refuse to use auth0?
  8. Damn you gotta calm down mate. LOL
  9. Same problem. Thought my account got compromised or somethn.
  10. great point. might be better to bundle up scripts with only 1 writer to prevent this.
  11. I could imagine the rage after realizing that he forgot to set the rating to Negative LOL.
  12. > *botted* > "wtf I got banned?" 10/10
  13. mane I'd say you got lucky reaching those stats in a level 3 in the first place lol
  14. Could work well if you bundle them well. e.g. 1. a mining script 2. a smithing script 3. a blast furnace script
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