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  1. Are the VIP-E getting refunded for not being able to bot using LG for the past 2 days?
  2. Then you got the upper-hand. Lmao.
  3. This is indeed a great way if you desperately want a 99 with botting. I also botted cooking till 92 without a ban. So I suppose ban rates on cooking is low if you use lobsters or something.
  4. Were your accounts level 3? Have you played on it before? How old are those accounts? Most of the time bots get banned really quickly if you're going to bot on it right after creation.
  5. Use a combat script on f2p cow's or chicken's in Lumbridge. Got me banned within 30 minutes haha.
  6. It's not necessary to be rude, Twinky was just trying to help him out. On topic: Yes, it is possible. There are dicing scripts which reads the chat and responding back in order to play gamble games. I am pretty sure you can create a script which reads the chat and give you a notification in return.
  7. Next time, pay the amount of bitcoins asked rather than using exchange calculators to pay the $10.00.
  8. Would love to see a firemaking script too!
  9. IP Flagged 100% certain.
  10. I sincerely hope no one will help you with your agressive form of advertising. There are more ways to advertise then PM'ing users without being annoying.
  11. Well, you came pretty far and you got a few 90+ stats. If I were you I would just continue the game legit and enjoy your juicy stats. =)
  12. Which script were you using? Was it a free script or premium?
  13. Thank you, and sorry for calling you not clear minded, I will phrase my sentences better in the future. I do not take critism that well.
  14. I think a clear minded person would assume I ment other scripts instead of those 2 outdated premium scripts... Oh well, are those 2 premium scripts I stated above good? @MrLemonwaters Thanks for the suggestion, any reputable smithing script maker you suggest?