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  1. GhostThePro

    TRiBot Release 9.303_0

    Are the VIP-E getting refunded for not being able to bot using LG for the past 2 days?
  2. GhostThePro

    Used only premium scripts, they still knew?

    Were your accounts level 3? Have you played on it before? How old are those accounts? Most of the time bots get banned really quickly if you're going to bot on it right after creation.
  3. GhostThePro

    Chat notification sound?

    It's not necessary to be rude, Twinky was just trying to help him out. On topic: Yes, it is possible. There are dicing scripts which reads the chat and responding back in order to play gamble games. I am pretty sure you can create a script which reads the chat and give you a notification in return.
  4. GhostThePro

    Overpaid bitcoin amount

    Next time, pay the amount of bitcoins asked rather than using exchange calculators to pay the $10.00.
  5. GhostThePro


    Would love to see a firemaking script too!
  6. GhostThePro

    Accounts being Locked.

    IP Flagged 100% certain.
  7. GhostThePro

    [P] Pm script - private message sender

    I sincerely hope no one will help you with your agressive form of advertising. There are more ways to advertise then PM'ing users without being annoying.
  8. GhostThePro

    What are the chances?

    I can understand it from your perspective it sounds very weird. It even sounds weird to me that such a high reputable bot would do this. But this is the only logical explanation. Think about it, I never botted on this computer before until yesterday. The only accounts that were hacked were my main and mail account I used for Runescape. I never downloaded any Runescape related third-party software expect Tribot. Anyway, I'll report if more weird things happen to my account.
  9. GhostThePro

    What are the chances?

    Well, apparently this guy tried to access my email account too. I noticed the reset time on my pin on Runescape and the login access on my email account are very close to each other. http://prntscr.com/a1iizx Unfortunately this guy used a proxy so we cannot trace him back. I have stepped up my security incase anybody is wondering and hopefully more people who got hacked come and report it on the forum.
  10. GhostThePro

    What are the chances?

    The exact same thing happend to me today. I logged in on my Runescape account and found out that my password has been changed. After a password reset I tried to login and apparantly the hacker tried to remove my pin. http://prntscr.com/a1e0eg This is very odd since I bought tribot including these scripts yesterday: - aAgilty [Premium] - Delta Cooker - Master Fletcher AIO - Master Thiever AIO Yes I scanned my pc. I got Malwarebytes, Eset Nod32, Comodo Firewall and CCleaner. I also checked my task manager and haven't found any strange processes. I am almost 100% positive it is one of the scripts as my mule which I don't bot on wasn't hacked. Hopefully this get sorted out as soon as possible. Sincerely, GhostThePro
  11. GhostThePro

    Delta Cooker

    When is @TRiLeZ going to update this script with the latest fixes and hopefully faster wine making? =P