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  1. blakecormack96

    [P] Blue Dragon Scale Bot

    Bump....... add my skype? specmagik
  2. blakecormack96

    [P] Blue Dragon Scale Bot

    Bump willing to pay good money for this!
  3. blakecormack96

    [P] Blue Dragon Scale Bot

    BUMP Still after a scripter.
  4. blakecormack96

    [P] Blue Dragon Scale Bot

    Request: Hi im after a blue dragon scale bot with abc2 antiban etc Description: The bot should collect scales from the taverley dungeon and bank them using a Fal teleport and use the 70 agility shortcut.Payment Amount: whatever you charge.Time: ASAP Will explain more via tribot message. Thanks
  5. blakecormack96

    Looking for a premium scripter

    Hi im looking for a premium scripter to make 2 scripts for me will pay good money must have abc2 anti ban updates etc cheers. Both scripts are to do with the hunter skill. will pay good money for these scripts.
  6. I agree is there going to be? theres a free script that does them but i wouldnt use it.
  7. blakecormack96

    6 Bots running hunter ban rate.

    hahah i know thanks mate got a couply of 2 ban bans then permanently banned.
  8. blakecormack96

    6 Bots running hunter ban rate.

    Premium mate qqqchins doing red chins and birds and daxhunter got an account banned last night running daxhunter doing falconry. really like chins as a money maker but im just getting all my accounts banned doing hunter. I wonder if a it would be worth getting a script made like your own one?
  9. blakecormack96


    Omg please message me and tell me any tips please? I was using 4 re chins about 2.5m from each account every 5H now all banned got 3 f2p to 80 fishing lol.
  10. blakecormack96

    6 Bots running hunter ban rate.

    Update. Got to 63 hunter last night played legit for a bit logged in this morning tp setup and permanent ban. also my lvl 47 fisher permanently banned but not my 2 lvl 66+ fishing f2p accounts.
  11. blakecormack96

    6 Bots running hunter ban rate.

    Thanks for your input, are you making these accounts with a proxy or a vpn? I think i over did it with red chins 73 hunter then bang bot busting ban. 2nd account is 62 hunter atm but i have a feeling that it will log me out when i log back in.... i wanted two accounts for red chins. heaps of people getting banned/pked doing black chins. hopefully 5 hours a day ill be able to get another 63 hunter. keepingin mind im using a vpn. Shout out to qqqchins ☺
  12. blakecormack96

    6 Bots running hunter ban rate.

    Also i forgot to mention im using a vpn.
  13. blakecormack96

    6 Bots running hunter ban rate.

    Thanks for your feedback, really appreciate it
  14. blakecormack96

    6 Bots running hunter ban rate.

    Hi guys im botting 2 hunter bots 1 just got to 62 almost 63 for red chins... otherone I was doing red chins on got to 72 hunter and off no set hours etc. got 2 day bot busting ban. so when its unbanned im going to transfer gold and bot it till it gets banned transfer gold etc. Anyway all im asking is anyone with trial and error experience to tell me if i should just stick to 5 hours a day botting or use breaks or something. I also have 4 F2P fishing bots 2 are over cb lvl 10 2 arent got all of them to 66 fishing no bans yet. want to get them to 80 then buy mems and get cb to 50+ then bot sharks and see what happens. Hunter seems to be getting banned quickly. Thanks for any input. From what im aware in your time zone dont bot over night or 2am 4am apparently i heard that thats when they ban accounts. So I would do 6am- 11am just to try it out.