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  1. Sounds good, will be interesting to see some statistics
  2. All this begging for beta auths makes me laugh lol... He has already got people he can trust that can actually give constructive feedback and not just leech off a free auth. He will most likely approach you if he wants to give you an auth... Its just simple logic
  3. Amount of gold to sell: 10m Payment method: PayPal Have you PM'ed me your skype or msn: Yes Have u added me already: No Will you leave me positive feedback and a vouch: Of course, will you do the same for me?
  4. Happy to see this. It's been far to long without having a slayer script. See you in 2 weeks
  5. I am interested in what price you are considering putting the script... Obviously there are alot of dependencies to take in to account but what are your thoughts Brian?
  6. What version of TRiBot are you running? A: Current version. Is it the RuneScape client that is freezing or is it the TRiBot window? A: Both, sometimes doesnt let me use the buttons Do you get anything in the debug boxes or in the TRiBot Loader console (if you chose to run console mode)? A:Nope What operating system are you using? A: 64 bit What Java version is TRiBot using? A:Most recent How much memory are you allowing TRiBot to use? A:512 Do you get any java error logs? A: Le No... Does the error occur at specific times? (e.g: when randoms occur?, specific time?, specific tasks? etc.) A:Le No
  7. @Texan very valid points, im defo going to look into it. Well thanks for everyone for giving me some advice. Its appreciated.
  8. Only thing with doing that is, how long would it take to get it that high cmb stats? Baring in mind im not doing quests, so have to use rune scim lol!
  9. I have a few questions, very tempted to purchase the script. What account stats would you say you need for this to be effective? - Can you use rune scim? - What defence level is recommended? - What armor? If I had the set up of a 60 | 60 | 60 account with rune armor and rune scim, how many bones would I roughly receive per hour?
  10. How long do you think it will take you to get ardy up and going?
  11. I am currently botting at the Ardoudne tower and the bot pick locks the door perfectly and get in, soon as it gets attacked it clicks on all the food in the inventory and it not only wastes the food, but shortens the trip especially for pures. Will there be a quick fix for this? Nothing has appeared in the client debug or debug...
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