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  1. I'm really going for quality not uniqueness. I'm an experienced programmer I just don't have a big runescape background like most of you may. So I'm still going to make one because it will be different(good for the community) and could be better(also good for the community).
  2. Besides complete anti-ban compliance, in order from most important to least important what features would you guys like to see in my script. Thanks, D
  3. I think someone just sparked my interest.
  4. Uniqueness 10 times out of 10, human-like means so much nowadays, people play on track-pad, mouse, who knows what. Jagex is looking for consistency, how can they break a bot the same way every time. Once they've learned a script well enough(obviously it has to be a popular script) they'll ban people that follow that scripts trends. How that script reacts after dismissing randoms at point x, etc. EDIT: Think of your bot as an encryption device, uniqueness will always be less detectable.
  5. Preferably something that will contribute to the community a little more than a bone and meat looter or flax picker. aha
  6. honestly it's the coolest thing in my opinion, 10/10 would recommend VIP-E
  7. Just need ideas for a project. it'll be free/open-source just looking for feedback.
  8. Just need ideas for a project to work on, anything that sparks my interest I'll start working on Will be free/open-source, just looking for feedback.
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