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    Gotta go fest, Jesus I am just cancer im sorry :(

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  1. Record it or take some screenshots and post it here fam and im 11000000% sure he can fix it, cus he swag.
  2. God I miss Bigboy
  3. Did you really post this 3 foking times
  4. May the memes be with me Fuck, Ive cursed my self I cri
  5. Nvm dad I dun messed up But there are afew dead scripts that have not been updated in a year
  6. Yo fam Long time meme here brought your dank script when it came out, still love it Now I have the Lifetime 3 auths any chance I could upgrade to the 20dolla one for unlimted ones?
  7. Yeh Ive looked at all the woodcutting scripts Same with FC, shitty does not work, Delta broke. I think all of the dead scripts that have not been updated for fucking ages should be removed from the shop.
  8. Dead script. Don't buy
  9. It is not Tribot. All scripts are checked and checked for any kind of that shit. Also what script were you useing
  10. I can do Restless GhostPriest in PerilDwarf Cannon Cooks AssistantRomeo and Juliet If you would like me to. Gonna sleep now doe so I will read ya reply tomorrow Just pm me a price of what you think is good pay and ill do it.
  11. Ok m8 When you open the Sexy Tribot dank meme you will see a small tab with a plus + <<< sign you click that you can run more scripts, Or you have to be VIP + I dunno what Im talking about I'm just lonley
  12. You should use a VPN m8 go check out YoHoJo I'm sure he sells Vpns for good prices.
  13. I'm not in it for the $$ I just like collecting things, I think I have a problem