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  1. I have no issues what so ever, then again, i dont use any of the fancy vip options haha
  2. Whatever i try to smelt, the script always clicks on the wrong bar icon at the furnace. Example: When i set it up to smelt steel bars, it clicks on smelting mithril. Tried literally every option and not a single ore he is able to smelt
  3. kees421


    Go play another game if even making a new account to bot on, is to much effort
  4. First of all, decent script! Spend alot of time figuring out the looting system but i think i have it working now.
  5. Works like a charm at Monkfish currently Thanks for the ABC2 update btw
  6. Does this scrip unnote steel bars at the bank? In edge that is the usual stratagy by legit playing players who care about efficiency (balls made / hour).
  7. I am disappointed in the script. Mainly it is because of the high price i think, that makes u expect great things. U simply can't leave it alone, u have to babysit it. Here a honest feedback, according to the 'list of dreams', made by script writer. Estimated xp rates 45-54 = 40k+ 55-64 = 60k+ 65+ = 80k+ (up to 260k) I started at lvl 55, got at max around 30k xp, if lucky. When it did reach this, i died fast after. At lvl 65 now: 50k ish/hour. Misclicks alot. has trouble luring in/out. Can really easily get stuck in a patern, so DONT AFK THIS SCRIPT. Features Built-in antiban + ABCL 10 (Sounds great, but remember guys, this is outdated. ABC2 is out) Knocks out and pickpockets bandits, bearded bandits, and menaphite thugs efficiently (Efficiently no, 1 out of 3 times doesnt pickpocket at all, after succesfully knocking out a npc. Xp Waste). Lures mobs in and out of buildings when necessary (When necessary?! This script can go insane when it comes to luring npcs in and out of buildings, it literally CANT stop sometimes. Just gets stuck in a cycle.) Closes curtains to keep mobs in and out of buildings Eats when necessary Unnotes food fast using Banknote Exchange Merchant Buys jugs of wine from Ali The barman if not using noted food Switches to better mobs when needed Uses double double hit technique for max xp (It does, nice. Yet not always. I saw alot of sucessfull knockouts, but then it waits as if u are 'stunned' aka it doesnt pickpocked at all. Bit of a waste of time) Up to 260k thieving xp/hr Up to 120k gp/hr Requirements 45+ Thieving 30+ hp (small chance of dying if lower) Lets not get into the amount of times i died, but i am 85 hp and can say i ran from falador to the desert again to many times XD. Bit of my own fault aswell i think, since i didn't had the NPC ATTACK option to HIDDEN. I guess script misclicks and can't always manage to get into the safe zones. Mostly it does, not always. I dont think i can get a refund now, because the script writer might not be happy with a detailed feedback post. But i prefer to let the public/future buyers know what they can expect of this highly overpriced script. (Edit: currently the script status = Waiting for a menaphite thug. While it stands next to one in the right tent, with closed door. Restarted many times not sure whats going on.
  8. Edge furnance would be a great new location to add thanks
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