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  1. yeah ik its beta, im expecting bugs too, i'm not whining at all, just trying to explain the bugs to the best of my ability as they come up
  2. http://prnt.sc/b6jusu also broken place, waiting there clicking the door forever,even when i manually went through the first door it kept moving the mouse as if it was trying to right click and open the first door(as i mentioned i opened the first door) i guess all canifis spots are broken or something...
  3. yeah sure man ill msg ya, i hope i dont get it again though lol imagine the bot clicking all day
  4. it was a map clue near the haunted mine starting place, i solved that one myself and resumed the script. It is finally doing work. By the way i checked off canifis and have done the quest if you're wondering.
  5. got me a clue but all its doing is reading the clue moving the mouse offscreen and reading and reading and reading the clue for a quite while now, it still hasnt tried solving it.
  6. bought 20 credits from you thanks, smooth transaction!