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  1. There's no display of your physique lol.
  2. You're offering workout plans but won't post a picture of yourself?
  3. There's a difference between behavior biometrics and software detection.
  4. Just because the bot was released in 2013 doesn't mean the data was from then as well.
  5. Powerbot is the best RS3 bot by far.
  6. IPB 4 has only been "stable" for a few months now. I'm not sure why TriBot decided to adopt it this soon.
  7. Botting venture non RS/clash/etc related. PM me if interested.
  8. neither of you know what im talking about
  9. No lol, it's not even remotely resource intensive. It's not implemented on the majority of bots due to a relatively small demand.
  10. I knew the majority of users on this site were naive but not this bad lol
  11. No, what you need is a tree. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tree_(data_structure)
  12. Ahh then in that case what he wants is a tree structure.
  13. The typical node/task/action framework that's gotten popular typically has a validation method along with an execution implementation (if the entity "validates" then "execute"). There's no reason why you have to follow this structure though, experiment with what works best in your situation.
  14. Obviously "do/process action" means nothing to you.
  15. That agility xp was botted in two weeks. Implement your ABC2 and do the same? The bot I'm at is bigger than TriBot and the bot I own (not for RuneScape) is bigger than both combined. Not a single person here has given any logical argument so I'm not going to spend my time thinking one out for them.