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  1. you tryin to bait me for a front shot?
  2. did you read the whole thread? I do my entire upper body 6 days a week and legs on sunday...how is that not body building? Does that back look built or nah?
  3. yepper.Keeping a sick tan and a hardbody...work hard play hard.
  4. No im a rock splitter.
  5. yes i do. I do 10 sets of 10 widest grip possible 10 sets of 10 close grip and 5 sets of 10 close grip chin ups. I also do 465 pushups in the morning. I start a27a set of 30 than doa set of 29 than do 28 than 27 ect till 1. And every sunday afternoon i do legs. And thats all, been slacking lately but thats my entire workout.
  6. Yes i know my boxers are hanging out. This is right after a set and my pants sag during pullups.
  7. Really enjoying this script. My first tribot script and getting almost 90k range exp per hour (not chinning).
  8. hmmm. I might have to check that out. What is the ban rate likewith that premium script?