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  1. wildkilla

    Players.getAll() returns empty array

    Game just updated, it just broke
  2. wildkilla

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    it really doesnt like switching to range and melee just sticking with mage and killing all of the brothers even though the settings are setup to use different combat styles. also it will be "getting KC" and just stand there with auto retaliate off and not attacking anything (with range)
  3. wildkilla

    2-day ban. what now?

    you're botting wc and agility and surprised you got banned? lmao kids these days
  4. wildkilla

    TRiBot Release 9.305_10

    npc names are returning null and npc ID's are out that includes fishing spots as they are 'npcs'
  5. wildkilla

    Nothing works

    Fishing spots are actually NPC's and thats the reason for it not working, npc names and ID's arnt working since the osrs update
  6. wildkilla

    Scripts cant bank

    just gotta wait till trilez gets on
  7. wildkilla

    Scripts cant bank

    this is why -
  8. wildkilla

    TRiBot Release 9.305_10

  9. Npc names currently returning null and Id's are out since the OSRS Update
  10. As the title says, happened straight after the most recent game update
  11. wildkilla


    Pro tip: don't use proxies(Commercial IP Blocks) to do tutorial island on accounts
  12. wildkilla

    Every time I start script, client freezes.

    USA could be using models in his script which would cause the client 'freezing'. Theres a currently known problem with retrieving models at the moment which can be up to 5 seconds per a loop which would cause this issue @Brandon95 Edit: the Issue has been fixed via a client update, Try running the script now and see if the issue is resolved
  13. wildkilla

    TRiBot Release 9.305_5 - Flicker Patch

    Fix the OOM Bug at Karamja
  14. wildkilla

    yelp, runescape account creation

    Don't use a proxy when completing tutorial island, your accounts will get locked
  15. wildkilla

    Need help creating BOT with proxy!!

    Ok so in regards to accounts getting locked after completing tutorial island on a "Proxy IP", compared to a Home IP. Its actually that Jagex detects the IP as a Commercial IP(Non consumer IP Range), It doesn't affect bans while botting on them but its to try and stop mass automated goldfarming which is why the accounts are locked. The accounts are checked after talking to the wizard at the end and the IP is checked if its a Known Commercial IP range(non Consumer IP range) the account is locked. So the Reason they are getting locked is NOT that they are "Flagged", But that Proxy Companys Buy large IP blocks from Suppliers and those IP's are from Commercial IP blocks.