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  1. it really doesnt like switching to range and melee just sticking with mage and killing all of the brothers even though the settings are setup to use different combat styles. also it will be "getting KC" and just stand there with auto retaliate off and not attacking anything (with range)
  2. you're botting wc and agility and surprised you got banned? lmao kids these days
  3. npc names are returning null and npc ID's are out that includes fishing spots as they are 'npcs'
  4. Fishing spots are actually NPC's and thats the reason for it not working, npc names and ID's arnt working since the osrs update
  5. just gotta wait till trilez gets on
  6. Npc names currently returning null and Id's are out since the OSRS Update
  7. As the title says, happened straight after the most recent game update
  8. wildkilla


    they got worse in a certain aspect in the last 1-2 years
  9. Better off buying pc hardware then renting, dont go out and buy some hardcore setup just buy the basics. eg. good i7 cpu(one of the K's with inbuilt grphx) some cheap board, ram, cheap power supply and a small hdd. it works out alot cheap in the long run and a cpu only pulls like 100w+ on full load
  10. Very easy if you know what you're doing
  11. wildkilla


    Pro tip: don't use proxies(Commercial IP Blocks) to do tutorial island on accounts
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