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  1. http://www.sythe.org/report-scammer-archive/1938923-hijacked-bought-runescape-account.html look his skype name on google, its a scamming skype.
  2. I use the hosters for MTD no problem, how is the script broken? I've been through like 10 nmz games
  3. Uncheck rapid heal, put your rock cake in the inventory part of gui to its like 7510 as the code man, it won't eat your cake because you don't have it recognized
  4. Btw whoever owns this script may I get access again? I bought the 2 weeks then i deactivated it by accident..
  5. Nah man, this was my first ban on it for botting. Lol i only botted that, i actually saw the account click the bank and get banned.
  6. I got banned within 4 hour of buying the script..
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