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  1. bank to check for pickaxe upgrade even if pickaxe in inventory or hand.
  2. when I save a profile it doesn't save the check for using ranged and magic. doesn't log out after food is gone when checked for me. when hopping under a condition it will keep trying to go to a world it's currently on. a condition for hopping after XX mins would be cool. I would like to see an option for logout when out of runes or something similar. an option to not deposit all would be nice. thanks for your time and work hope you consider some of this next time you work on the script! edit: having trouble with banking aswell, im not sure if its from using gui while script was active but it tries to withdrawal the items a handful of times. saving profiles will have it show the items on my bank list multiple times and its not easy to remove duplicates
  3. gets stuck on progressive, trying to make things it cant make, was trying to make oak stocks when i only have 20 fletch
  4. Hello everyone, ive tried searching the post a bit but im lost as to how to set up keybinds for maximum efficiency if anyone would be so kind as to point me in the right direction i dont have a clue here!
  5. @daxmagex can we get this on a private walker key? walking is not working atm
  6. there is no free leather crafting scripts that work atm (afaik) so that would be nice!
  7. Hi script works great many places but im having trouble with the darn door going down to dwarven mine, im using custom rocks down there but it always ends up opening and closing door, just did it for an hour straight while out rip account.
  8. i know when i used to use vps be putting it in a low color mode it drastically improved the lag, but of course color looked bad hahaha
  9. if its a linux based vps you can turn it into a socks5 server http://www.catonmat.net/blog/linux-socks5-proxy/ then route home computers connection using a program like widecap or freecap. sorry, i like ignored the main question initially, coffee aint working today!
  10. don't bot mains. also, it will show using different clients as far as I know. if I was going to bot a main id use LG so it would still show i was using osbuddy.
  11. Hey @godspower33 script has been working great! sometimes I get stuck on world hopper though, even when I set the script to not use world hopping. might be a client thing it seems to happen when break handler is activated so I guess I could just not take breaks or manual break... kind of answering my own question but yea but thought id ask in case you know a quick solution. thanks for your time appreciate it!
  12. hey whats going on people? i had this script about a year ago , going to get it again, hopefully still super low ban rate or Km5 !
  13. i think im screwed my account is 10+ years old and i have no idea what the email is its prob too old to access anyway. i had enable auth but like my parents are taking my phone from me so i can only log in from trusted computer. any way i could get auth on new device without email? thinking abnout just botting account since i wont have access to it soon?
  14. kayrad2

    (F) PM Spammer

    nice script!!! can be very useful!
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