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  1. rs3 support please

    i would spend alot of stuff like vip ect, a popular site that begins with p for botting has litterally gone to waste and everyone there who plays rs3 needs a new bot site.
  2. rs3 support please

    Could we have rs3 support please.
  3. why dont you support runescape 3

    HI, why dont you support runescape 3 as well? most other botting sites seem to support both versions of runescape 3 but you dont? eg runemate.com I am a customer wanting to get vip and all premium scripts for rs3
  4. runescape 3

    hello do you support runescape 3? was going to buy all scripts I could find so I am all packaged up and ready to go.
  5. Its advertised as supporting runescape 3 but there are no premium rs3 scripts.
  6. can i bot in runescape 3 now?

    is tribot ready so i can now bot in runescape 3? do you have vip scripts for runescape 3?
  7. Runescape 3 ready yet?

    Runescape 3 bot ready yet? I got my wallet out, ready to party.
  8. When will you start supporting rs3

    Rs3 will get better once they rid old school.
  9. Interest in an RS3 Bot

    would you be able too make the client not detectable by jagex on your behalf?. our behalf is to be sensible bottling.
  10. Yeah when will you support rs3 and have high quality scripts?
  11. tribot

    your having a laugh?
  12. tribot

    it ok i found outhow too. but what does $24.99 Per Auth mean? the auth like everytime I use that escript I have to pay $24.99?
  13. tribot

    so how do i add the scripts too the tribot?
  14. tribot

    I believe if tribot injectc into the legacy client it would be more undetectable
  15. tribot

    so does the agility cover barbarian ccourse? Also what runescape client does tribot use is it the nxt client or the legacy client?