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  1. Is banking a feature that could possibly be added? I know Black Chins support banking, but grey chins and red chins does not, making it unsuitable for longer sessions of botting (incase it runs out of traps). While I love your script, this would be a great addition.
  2. Anyone every experience the profiles overwriting eachother, happened for the third time to me, it sucks having to redo all your profiles, was hoping someone had a fix
  3. @daxmagex we don't care, we fighting in mass
  4. -deleted-
  5. Also, sorry for double post, but I am pretty sure if you're creating the account's in a location much further away from the location you actually login to, to bot, than it will pretty much be insta-locked, thats what happened to me
  6. I think saying don't bot on main computer would be saying they track MAC addresses, which to my understanding, they do not, unless they do?
  7. Please only reply if you have at least 20k flax, Currently Buying around: 1m Flax
  8. I heard at one point you were taking suggestions, if you are still, since you have rune mysteries on here, is it possible to add the abyys miniquest in addition? I would use this all the time if it featured it!
  9. isn't there a forum section to request private scripts? As you can only request private scripts from premium scripters I believe
  10. Name: d0pamine Accounts intending to run: around 4, to about 8-9 when I get farm mage level's up Do you promise to report bugs as you find them: of course, as it affects me too!
  11. ^
  12. I think I tried doing this since I heard it in like 2014 and it didn't work, but I probably did it wrong maybe?
  13. Haven't tried this, but saved the settings, exit out of the client, and then it will probably be on all the other clients as long as you didn't have any of them opened when you saved it
  14. Because they are either trying to run the previous version of Java, you don't have it installed correctly, or you need to change the path of java in those files as your Java path changed