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  1. The omen firecape & torso services Equipment Setups: 70 range & any defence: Same setups, just switch blowpipe for kharils xbow. 1 Defence & 75 Range Accounts: Inventory: 40 Defence & 75 Range Accounts: Inventory: 70+ Defence & 75 Range Accounts: Inventory: 1 Defense & 40 Defence accounts should take a Karils Crossbow or armadyl crossbow alongside the blowpipe, this is used for waves where range distance is really necessary. Pricing: We will discuss Pricing via Skype. Prices vary depending on stats. My Only Skype: Torso Services: I can get torso on any account, prices will also be discussed on Skype.
  2. Torso done Firecape for a pure done recently lvl 60 something combat Firecape done on another low lvl pure 60 something combat as well
  3. Max staking

    I wouldn't say PID is the FIRST and LAST hit, sounds like you're getting 2 extra hits. PID gives you 1 extra hit over your opponent. In my opinion, that's the only type of advantage you'd get on a max staking, hence making the odds really 50/50. If the above video is correct and flick is better only by a 0.01% then there's really no arguing that max staking is 50/50. I don't know why the duel arena would be reworked, maybe to adjust the PID, but why should it be reworked because of the ammount of RWT that's going on inside it? ''As staking odds accounts and people paying for college tuition by staking on RS '' what do you mean here?
  4. Max staking

    Max staking is always 50/50. You can have advantage if you get PID at the start of the duel, otherwise it's better if you alternate between defensive mode and/or flick/lash. Defensive gives +3 invisible defense. Flick gives +3 invisible attack. Lash gives +1 invisible attack, strength and defense. I've had my luck max staking alternating between flick and defense. Good luck on the arena, play it safe and always have a back. It's not worth going all in if you can't make it back.
  5. Buying 13 credits osrs

    skype julian.v94
  6. Yojoedude's credit shop! (1.1m ea! - $1.1 Btc each)

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  7. BUYING Underground pass & regicide quests

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  8. Buying 8 Credits

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