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Everything posted by TheOmen

  1. The omen firecape & torso services Equipment Setups: 70 range & any defence: Same setups, just switch blowpipe for kharils xbow. 1 Defence & 75 Range Accounts: Inventory: 40 Defence & 75 Range Accounts: Inventory: 70+ Defence & 75 Range Accounts: Inventory: 1 Defense & 40 Defence accounts should take a Karils Crossbow or armadyl crossbow alongside the blowpipe, this is used for waves where range distance is really necessary. Pricing: We will discuss Pricing via Skype. Prices vary depending on stats. My Only Skype: Torso Services: I can get torso on any account, prices will also be discussed on Skype.
  2. This guys is a scammer, did a lot of quests on his account, never payed.
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  5. Can someone hire me? Like shitttt.
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  8. He has been doing some services on two of my accounts. Super trustworthy dude. Has complete access and is overall super cool about everything. Recommended.
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  22. Got full void range out of this script. Ran it daily for 3-4 hour periods. Keep the good work up netami
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