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  1. Bummppp
  2. this is far from specific.
  3. Bumping this baby.
  4. Another jad slayed. Doing a couple more for free hit me uuuuppppp
  5. Gonna do a couple more free capes. Add me on skype!
  6. Did another free cape for this 1 def pure.
  7. Just did this cape for @luck or skill
  8. I could do this. add me on skype julian.v94
  9. I tried the other method and it says its currently unavailable, i guess it will be like that forever for some reason.
  10. I'm trying to purchase credits but i get a message saying that the transaction can't be completed because my credit card might be fraudulent. Is there a way to go around this?
  11. I wanna buy 2, pm me if it's still available.
  12. I'm buying 2 credits for 1.5M each. Shoot me a PM or add me on skype julian.v94
  13. Here's some proof of my service. I'll get this thread looking real nice, real soon. Right now i'm charging 6M OSRS for firecapes and 12M OSRS for torsos. Hit me on skype. Skype: julian.v94