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  1. TheOmen


    @lets be friends Hey man, can you add a ''store settings'' option? i'm botting this on a zerker at ammonites and on my pure at crabs, but i need to set up aggro spots and fighting spots all the time. Would be awesome if you added an option to check for roaming crabs nearby, ammonite crabs get fucked up sometimes and they just roam for like 5 minutes which makes the bot go re-aggro every 30 seconds. You could also add an aggro timer or something, like for example if the account just aggroed and the player isn't in combat, wait a minute or something before going back to re-aggro mode.
  2. TheOmen

    LG lagging issues.

    Hey guys, I recently purchased VIP-E again for the sole purpose of using Looking glass, the problem is the client laggs a lot (as in skippy motions) I'm running it on a mac with the following specs: I'm running looking glass with i think 1000mb ram assigned to it, changing the ammount i assign doesn't do anything. The runescape client that runs through is Osbuddy (this could be the issue)
  3. TheOmen


    maybe it's every script. this is the only one i've been using so far.
  4. TheOmen


    I have the latest java version, you mean trying an older one? By the way, i do believe it's something in relation with my client/looking glass. As soon as i close my tribot client the osbuddy goes to normal 40fps, when the tribot client is running with looking glass i have a much much lower fps. @YoHoJo
  5. TheOmen


    I tried everything on that thread, if it was script related, should it stop lagging as soon as i stop the script? Because i stop the script and the lag remains.
  6. TheOmen


    Anyone else laggs really bad when running this script?
  7. TheOmen


    I've posted this about 2-3 times already but no one has been able to give me a solid answer. My machine can run 5+ osbuddies no problem. But running 1 looking glass on tribot will make it extremely laggy. I've tried paint settings, disabling the graphics...pretty much everything
  8. TheOmen

    [issue] Script pauses when account logs out.

    Found the problem, is not that it pauses, there's something wrong with the login screen handler. It will do one of the followings: - It won't click on the login button, so it just stays frozen in the login screen. -It will click the login button and then proceed to enter my password in the username and my username in the password, when it realizes it fucked up it will not delete anything, just keep on typing on the username and password.
  9. TheOmen

    My client lags way too much!

    I'm running 2 clients, well 3 if you include the looking glass tribot, nevertheless, the only 1 that lags or runs slow is the one with the looking glass, the account in which i play legit has absolutely no problem and runs smooth 40 fps. I'll check paint settings and disable the graphics i guess. Thanks.
  10. TheOmen

    My client lags way too much!

    My client is lagging way too much, causes problems with the logging in and so much more stuff. I run the client on looking glass using osbuddy, i'm playing legit on another account and that account has 0 lag. does it have something to do with heap size? i assigned it 700mb, should i give it more? btw i have a mac with 8gb ram, it's not a slow pc at all.
  11. When my account logs out (for internet connections issues or whatever) the script switches from pause script to resume script, as if the script had been paused. It won't click on the existing user button on the login screen as well. There seems to be nothing wrong on the debug. I believe the problem is that it won't click on the existing user.
  12. TheOmen

    Bounty Emblems Farmer

    This 3 options are not hard to implement at all. Check out scripts made by USA or The zulrah killer. You're asking for piece of cake stuff.
  13. TheOmen

    [BETA] [REWRITTEN] Netami's Pest Control

    Got full void range out of this script. Ran it daily for 3-4 hour periods. Keep the good work up netami
  14. Hey man, loving the script, currently baby sitting it to check for bugs. My suggestions: pot support looting bag support piety support I don't know the exact mechanics of this druids, but maybe prioritising the one that's teleporting you around? Also i don't know if your script wears lost items if killed, for example monk robes which are worthless, will it withdraw more from the bank?
  15. Hey can i suggest something? The bot is too perfect, i mean, it's prayer flicking at 1hp all the time, as a guy who has done NMZ afk a lot i usually let my hp go up to 4-5 before i realize i need to rock cake/prayer flick, it would be awesome if you added this as an antiban, i mean i rather lose a couple extra hps than my whole account.