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  1. BUMPP
  2. Online
  3. Alching doesn't interrupt animations (well it does) but it's like it doesn't do anything to game ticks. Say for example you're attacking something and you decide to alch during fight, you will stop attacking the monster, but if you decide to alch and instantly click on the monster, it would've as if the attack was never interrupted. So why don't scripters include a general alching option in most of their scripts? I mean it's like killing 2 birds with 1 stone.
  4. No you don't, only to the point where you reach the port.
  5. photoupload Did this cape for @varago enjoy man!
  6. adult image Done for @Blayze96
  7. Online, hit me up!
  8. Well thanks for the bump haha.
  9. Hey man, loving the script, currently baby sitting it to check for bugs. My suggestions: pot support looting bag support piety support I don't know the exact mechanics of this druids, but maybe prioritising the one that's teleporting you around? Also i don't know if your script wears lost items if killed, for example monk robes which are worthless, will it withdraw more from the bank?
  10. Hey can i suggest something? The bot is too perfect, i mean, it's prayer flicking at 1hp all the time, as a guy who has done NMZ afk a lot i usually let my hp go up to 4-5 before i realize i need to rock cake/prayer flick, it would be awesome if you added this as an antiban, i mean i rather lose a couple extra hps than my whole account.
  11. What trademark?