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  1. @yganni i took your advice. i just created a small explanation of it to make it clear how to do it. Hope the community likes it.
  2. needafriend

    USA Bot Farm Tool

    Awesome, been looking and waiting for one for awhile! Great up, love your scripts.
  3. Can I ask (and I understand if you dont answer) are you using a software or human-based captcha workaround. Because im not aware of a solely software based work around for the multi-image recaptcha.
  4. I like it. been waiting for Taco's one to come out. ETA on final release?
  5. Hey @ifluffee If you were me, how would you jump into linux based programming and networks. Noob looking to improve. Also, your script here is like butter.
  6. Love the download packet. Thanks so much.
  7. So as @yganni stated, i wanted this to be easy for others to reference. Although It could cause this method to be filtered for banning. (although unlikely) If you want an easy way to make email accounts--that you have control over and are easy to track-- do as followed. Gmail-- Make you gmail address with random info. Say [email protected] when making accounts simply follow up you user with "+1" and sequential numbers down the line. EX. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] This is great because you can keep track of your account very easily by email. I keep the passwords for all the same. I then name my proxies with the responding numbers. A super easy way to keep you accounts straight when you are away from the spreadsheet. cutting down time and brain power to manage you bot farm. I find if you are not using the client starter, this is a quick way to keep your stuff straight. So a bot farm would be organized as such. EMAIL | P W | Proxy name [email protected] | 4prez | 1 | [email protected] | 4prez | 2 |
  8. Ok, thank you. Gotta do some research and try something new.
  9. So I used the cow killer bot and some questing bots for two accounts at two different IP addresses. total of 12 hours on each over two days Is this normal Ban time? Ive bought aMiner, does anyone know if this script gets many bans? I know its ABCL 10, but I'm not sure which bot got me banned. But my guess is the cow killer, or buggy quest script. Would switching to p2p reduce ban rate? Thanks,
  10. Seems odd. Try deleting your Tribot Library and using new tribot.jar Not really that helpful, but might help.
  11. It takes a while for it to load for me. Sometimes i'll restart Tribot. Eventually works.
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