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  1. Just did 2 fresh accounts for me, 3 quests on each. Great guy, always a skype message away and quick service times. Will be doing business again soon!
  2. I've made about 10-15 accounts in the past month, about 5 or so with my old private virgin ip proxies and about 10 with these. All 5 with the virgin ips are still going after a month and all 10 i've made on these proxies have been banned in 2 days or less, including the ones made after an IP change. Every account only had 1 IP each. Honestly think half of the proxies are flagged to be honest. Not saying they aren't legit, they sell SOCKS5 proxies that work well and have 100% uptime, but looks like Jagex is watching all the IPs that I bought at least.
  3. Accounts went great, everything perfect with them. Left specified item untouched and completed all 5 accounts in less than 5 hours. Would recommend and will be using this service again!
  4. Doing 2 quests on 5 accounts for me right now. Awesome guy and super friendly. Very reasonable with pricing!
  5. Starting to think the client is detected, only using looking glass from now on. Got this message on all 3 banned accounts. Accounts were played on for about 10-15 minutes before changing the client mode to "fixed" from "stretched". Doing this got all the 3 accounts banned. Here is the message I recieved. I am all for Tribot and will still be using it, but now is a better time than ever to look into looking glass. All 3 accounts were fine until screen mode was changed. I own 2 of these accounts, my friend owns the third and is in an entirely different location than me with different botting habits and patterns. Those that will say delayed ban please read the post. Delayed bans will come once you log into your account, will allow you to play for up to a minute before getting a ban. These accounts were all used for 10-15 minimum before switching resolutions and being instabanned. You have been warned, use at your own risk. Otherwise I recommend coughing up the money for VIP-E because looking glass is fantastic.
  6. @Aropupu you're the man, love your response time! Now I see how you have over 3000 paid users on this script. Didn't notice any issues today, run my bots from 12pm est to 4am est with breaks with absolutely no issues, only looked at them twice all day and not a single problem. You're the man!
  7. Not sure if anyone else is having this issue but when I have the "Worldhop when a nearby player talks" enabled, it'll log out when someone talks and just keep selecting worlds indefinitely. Obviously disabling this feature fixes it but it is such an awesome feature i'd love to use. I have tried restarting the client and it happens across 3+ clients at the same time. Any ideas?
  8. @Usa how much are we looking at for the premium. I love your scripts and will happily shell you out money. May I ask if you will add a lifetime auth or a reasonably priced unlimited auth to start and possibly increase in time? Again, love your work! Keep it up, you have a gift!
  9. That is why it is still good money, the farmers can't suicide bot it and for a lot of farmers investing an account that deeply is not worth it to them (aka 50+ farms where the less physical gameplay, the better.)
  10. I have heard so many bad things about private scripts getting made its turned me off from this idea quite a bit. I feel they are just a money sink, pay once for the script, pay more every update you need done, find all the bugs yourself, pay to get those fixed. Such a hassle and money sink.
  11. That's what I'm thinking. I mean I would do it if roles were reversed, but that's just me I guess. The way I see it if you can run a $1000+ farm by yourself, just guiding someone else to do the same and having no responsibility for $250 extra a month sounds pretty good to me. I guess people see otherwise.
  12. *To People that want to be negative towards this topic and comment about how I should not ask for help and figure it out I would prefer you not to comment. I am aware that botting is a very secretive market and figuring out the popular methods, anti-ban and best scripts has a learning curve. I have done this before. I am mainly looking at a new market and attempting to gain information and techniques for an area I am not used to. If you want to be negative towards someone asking for help, paying for service and asking to learn then I do not feel the need to argue with you. Please refrain from these types of comments but if you must do know your comment will be ignored without response. Thank you!* Hey there, so I am getting back into Runescape bot farming and things are a bit different from when I left. I used to farm gold very successfully back in 2007/2008 in RS3 and I am looking to start back up again. During my RS3 botting days I successfully made over $1500 usd in 5 months managing only 3 accounts bans out of my 12 bots. Coming to Runescape 2007 seems a little bit more tricky than I remember, but I am well willing to invest. I am able to produce around 5-10M profit per day currently but I am looking for a little bit more with the resources I have. What I am looking for: -Someone who knows how to maintain and manage a botfarm well. -Someone who has guidance on scripts, times, anti-ban, etc. -Someone to help improve my botfarm startup project. -Someone who knows both suicide botting and long term botting, with advantages and disadvantages/techniques. What I have to offer: -10 Virgin IP Proxies to start across 4 different locations in the US with UNLIMITED refresh IP's (Literally 10 unflagged IPs, permenantly) -Computer capable of running 20+ bots if such time comes. -Inbetween 50M-100M cash stack to invest into both bonds and bots. What You Need To Do: -Guide the farm, be the 'manager'. No physically maintaining bots! -Direct what scripts to use, when to use them, when to break, etc. -Be available at least 1 hour a day only to provide the days tasks. Payment: -As title states, I will be paying 25% of the PROFIT flat. The better you make my setup perform, the more you get paid. No risk, all reward. -Payable via RSGP or via "gift" on Paypal. -Verified Paypal Account with over 500+ Transactions. -Payable daily, weekly, or monthly. What You'll Have Access To: -Any script you desire, premium or not (excluding $50+ scripts to start). Many already purchased! -Me being able to manage, stop and switch out bots for around 10+ hours a day. -Unlimited Unflagged IPs (10 at a time to start, can expand if farm is producing well) -Possibility of custom script production if farm is producing well. Application: Botting Experience: Total Profit Made In Past Year: What do you have to offer over someone else: Time Zone: Do you currently bot more than 5 accounts: Are you currently gold farming yourself: How many accounts banned in past year: Do you have skype: Age: To Mods If this is in the wrong section please feel free to move it to where it belongs. I searched the forums and figured this may be the best place for it seeing the headers. If it is not in the right place I would very much appreciate if you comment saying where this type of topic belongs so I know for future reference. If this is against ToS please send me a message after deleting the topic so I am made aware.
  13. @Usa Super pumped for 7.4, any idea when itll be released? You originally stated today but it being so late something must have come up.
  14. Its just such a pain to try and monitor multiple windows at the same time like this, was hoping for an alternative. Heard something about resetting the ip of the window fixes the problem but I do not use proxies yet.
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