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  1. It's never worked for 2 months for me.. Can NEVER get a screenshot unfortunently..
  2. ya isnt that supposed to be the last break? doesnt it go in order from top to bottom or is it random?
  3. Why did it just take an 8 hr break?! it shouldnt have done that until the end..
  4. What's the difference between the paid and free version?
  5. Testing in draynor , ill let you know how it runs, also any antiban?
  6. Use less cpu... each client doesnt need 512mb, do 256..
  7. thats fucking stupid they don't drop noted addy bars before completion... they used to be an amazing money maker for accs with 50+def and 70+ range...
  8. ill pay 10$ for the 8 credits
  9. Same here, since they don't want to fix it im just going to use a different service.. I tried to make another account and use another card it didnt work either aswell... This seriously needs to be fixed!
  10. You dont need an individual proxy per account, its better to have an individual one per acc but not needed.
  11. Do tut island legit and id wait a few days after making accs to bot and do not play more than 12 hrs a day
  12. what livechat are you talking about? can you link me?
  13. I also have experience programming with java so I want to create scripts and release some free ones... cant do that without vip..
  14. Is there anyone i can contact to get this issue resolved? I'm sure tribot would also like my donations too aswell as my money from buying VIP-E Im also a programmer so I want to be able to script and release scripts on here and be able to use them... I also need the use of proxies... So if theres no way to buy credits directly from the site imma have to find another one...
  15. Keeps thinking im using a fraudulent card and paypal address even though ive verified it multiple times, fix your system please