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  1. nfekted

    [FREE] OCO's AIO Rooftop Agility

    Testing in draynor , ill let you know how it runs, also any antiban?
  2. nfekted

    Can't buy credits

    ill pay 10$ for the 8 credits
  3. nfekted

    Can't buy credits

    I also have experience programming with java so I want to create scripts and release some free ones... cant do that without vip..
  4. nfekted

    Can't buy credits

    Is there anyone i can contact to get this issue resolved? I'm sure tribot would also like my donations too aswell as my money from buying VIP-E Im also a programmer so I want to be able to script and release scripts on here and be able to use them... I also need the use of proxies... So if theres no way to buy credits directly from the site imma have to find another one...
  5. nfekted

    New PayPal System

    Keeps thinking im using a fraudulent card and paypal address even though ive verified it multiple times, fix your system please
  6. nfekted

    Please fix tribot credit buying...

    How did you eventually buy VIP? Im using same exact info and can't buy it... I might have logged into the script repository with a proxy once or twice but thats the only time ive been on a different ip..
  7. nfekted

    Can't buy credits

    1m for 1 credit is bullshit.. I should be able to buy credits from the site no problem, they need to fix this... If they ever want my money again their going to have to fix this... I was going to buy VIP-E again using the exact same info and nothing... Can't even use paypal! like wtf? If they cant fix this by the weekend im just going to use another service...
  8. nfekted

    Can't buy credits

    I've visited my profile under a proxy before but im not under a proxy now, my paypal wont work even though i verified my phone number... my ip isnt being hidden at all idk why its not working, i bought it from this ip last time..
  9. nfekted

    Can't buy credits

    Even though im using the same CC as last time, it wont let me buy credits for the 2nd time, wtf? Keeps saying its fraud... Fix this please!
  10. nfekted

    Please fix tribot credit buying...

    I've tried 3 different credit cards of mine and none of them are working, keep thinking its fraud.... Cant even use paypal!! wtf?
  11. nfekted

    Good idea for combat scripts

    Add an option to change attack styles after a certain amount of time or a certain level is reached so you can have you account run overnight and bot 40 attack and strength without manually switching it.
  12. nfekted

    Where do I learn how to write a script?

    Learn some basic java first off, gotta know java before making scripts.
  13. nfekted

    How to create a GUI (Using Netbeans Java IDE)

    Cant you do the same in visual studio?
  14. nfekted

    xHunter [Free] [ABCL10] [Birds & Chins]

    Bug: Tries to lay down more boxes than hunter level allows, the bot will sometime accidentally click outside the highlighted box painted on the screen and lay a trap outside it and it wont pick it up and move it back to the correct spot guess u can fix it by adding an if statement and if the box is outside the painted square it will pick it up and place it were it needs to be.
  15. nfekted

    [OPEN SOURCE]skAgility Rooftops[ABLC10]

    Problems running at al-kharad and varrock.