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  1. I don't mind the flickering, my Zulrah bot works and 4 hunter bots. Y'all gotta simmer down.
  2. Guys, please just read what others have posted, everyone is having the same issues and they're working on fixing it. It's not an easy fix in any means..
  3. Looking glass isn't currently working, the regular client is currently buggy by flashing black screen along with being unable to right click.
  4. He stated LG is currently not working as they're first attempting to fix the issues with the regular client.
  5. Having the same issue as everyone else with right clicking involved in any script.
  6. Good luck fixing the issue, trying to hit 99 range today.
  7. [15:35:48] Exception in thread "TRiBot Looking Glass Main Thread" [15:35:48] java.lang.NullPointerException [15:35:48] at obf.LJ.(tk:172) [15:35:48] at obf.Zj.run(jn:337) [15:35:48] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)
  8. Got help some Azuz and LG seems to be working a bit better now, still only averaging one kill per trip compared to two, but it's not lagging out during jad phase anymore. If you got a chance worthy to run over my settings really quick as well that'd be great. EDIT: Just Froze during jad phase once again and caused a death.. Using LG EDIT2: The bot just stood in the corner during jad phase not switch prayers or even attacking. like it just stopped working.
  9. 99 Def 99 hp, 96 mage, 94 range. Im using void to ahrims. Best gear I can get with 20m~
  10. LG Is just so slow and the switches cause so many deaths making it almost worthless to use. AM I doing something wrong?
  11. Oh sorry, reading is hard apparently. Let me try your settings and see if it helps. but death walk I have no issue. It runs to fally bank every time. How do you get to ZUl Rah?
  12. Ah no LG? Without LG It was going very smoothly but I feel like LG is kinda needed for ZulRah ban rates.
  13. What's your mouse speed and everything? Gear setup if you don't mind?
  14. Yes looking glass, fally, and LG has been ruining my kills/per hr and increased deaths. You have same issue?
  15. No issues with death walk, just a bit glitchy runs but makes it.
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