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  1. I just double tested it using only one tab in the tribot client, this time it used all the soft clay and runes in stead of leaving the last 14ish. But still when it was done and out of supplies, it left the house and got stuck in the AntiBan loop again, doing random AntiBan procedures moving the mouse clicking etc. If run the script and the bot runs out of supplies you should encounter this aswell, because I have read multiple posts about this issue. Otherwise it might be due to some .tribot file that needs to be removed? Hope you can help.
  2. Hello, The bot is still breaking down every time it runs low on supplies, when it has less than a full inventory of supplies it sits outside and keeps on status: AntiBan causing it to log out and constantly logging back in again. This issue has been adressed several times and is causing a lot of bans, we are paying good money for this script can you please just fix it....? Thanks
  3. Draynor course is broken, just stands there checking advanced options and clicking inventory doing nothing.
  4. When the bot runs low on supplies, so when it has less than a full inventory worth of noted clay e.g. 10 left, it gets stuck and just sits outside the portal. Also can you make it such that it clicks the name of last entered house in stead of typing it over and over again like no regular player would?
  5. It gets stuck when it missclicks on the poll booth in castlewars near the bank chest. Also can you make it that it clicks on last visited friend's house again in stead of typing the name every single trip?
  6. The master/slave option is not working, it trades the master but doesnt recognize it is trading and doesn't put up the pure ess, it also walks in the camp and gets speared and poisoned and dies of 11s by poison.
  7. How tf do you select a rock i middle mouse clicked the rocks but nothing happens and the script just instantly ends.
  8. When you make lumbridge or varrock tabs the script does not recognize that u finished making tabs and just keeps on clicking the lectern endless. This broken script and support is not worth $30 can i please have my money back?
  9. Bot misclicks on the poll booth in edge bank and gets stuck, and phials is still not fixed...
  10. Bot is getting stuck at phials, clicking soft clay... not using it on phials since last game update
  11. It is still running to canifis during 'ABC2 Anti-Ban' ... The root to all these problems is just that the host keeps getting logged off for being inactive. Please just fix host or give us back v7.7
  12. Tablet: House Lectern: Mahogany Eagle To Bank: Phials To House: Phials Use Friend's House: Yes Servant: No Issue(s) Experienced: (Information) - bots run to the corner of the house while 'clicking lectern' sit there for a few minutes then go back - host keeps on getting logged off, some bots on the way to leaving the house end up running to north-east corner of runescape after being kicked from the house - works very slow after today's update, getting max 500 tabs /hr ... Picture: (Image)
  13. I have discovered that this only happens when ur below 5k gp, so make sure it has enough money then it won't happen.
  14. Tablet: House Lectern: Mahogany Eagle To Bank: Phial To House: Phial Use Friend's House: Yes Servant: No Issue(s) Experienced: (Information) misclicks up the stairs near Phial and gets stuck Picture: (Image) I know it has been posted before but hasn't been fixed, bot got stuck yesterday and has 2 day bot busting ban now? IDK why it's not a perm ban but oh well, not here to complain about ban but thought it was worth metioning that it can be fatal. Would appreciate it if it would be fixed.
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