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  1. When this script is paused and you open a different bank tab to the "general" one, the script will instantly switch back to the general one. Can you please change this? Pretty annoying when you have the script paused for a short amount of time and you want to check for example the value of your Zulrah loot tab. The script also currently doesn't track the cost of Blowpipe shots. It did this with the Blowpipe aswell as the Trident just a week ago, but the Trident seems to work again. Blowpipe is still showing 0gp. This happens even after having restarted the script multiple times. https://imgur.com/a/195BAHa I'm not sure if you did anything but the blowpipe shots work again now lol. They weren't counting for a few days and now they're good again! Thanks if you did
  2. Where can I see things like this? Because I can't see small client updates in the client update section of the forum. Where do I see these?
  3. Cool beans, I couldn't find it on the forum that's why I posted. Thanks
  4. After the newest RS update from today the scripts can't seem to recognise maps anymore. A few different scripts in different locations are unable to recognise what map they are on and run in the wrong direction or no direction at all.
  5. After chopping 45k logs I have noticed something. The script, even after chopping the same 2 trees for a good 30+ hours, will sometimes add both trees to the unreachable list, eventhough it has been able to reach them for a very long time. This has happened multiple times and restarting the script fixes this. The script will sometimes try clicking the trees through the deposit box/bank menu indefinitely until the script is stopped. It will also sometimes go to the top floor of Seer's Village bank, and stand there continuously logging back in after an AFK disconnect or indefinitely stay online. This is not the only script that does this, as the agility script also has the same issue.
  6. I really like using this script, it works very well but there are 2 smalls things I would like to mention. When choosing the option "bank" instead of deposit box the script will always go to the deposit box first and sometimes go to the bank after that. Also, when using the bank it will sometimes not close the bank and continuously try clicking the trees through the open bank window which means it cannot reach them and will indefinitely do this until I interrupt it. Edit: After changing it to deposit box only the script will click on the deposit box and then clicks on the map to the middle of the bank after already having the deposit box open. Thus closing it and then opening it again. It does this every time. After remaking the custom area that I am currently chopping in it seems to have solved the issue where the script was running to 2 different areas when banking. Very strange because I just created the same area again...but hey, I am glad that works fine now.
  7. At Agility Pyramid the script gets stuck when standing near the exit. Usually this happens when returning from the first moving black after having fallen from it. Sometimes it moves past the top without grabbing the treasure. This can happen due to misclicks, but the problem is that the script then tries to walk back, falls over the rotating block, and then just gets stuck standing still. The script currently also moves the camera even while pause. So if you pause the script and controlling the account yourself the script continues to move the camera around. Edit: Getting stuck seems to vary a lot. Sometimes it does, others it doesn't.
  8. The script gets stuck when walking near West Varrock Oaks. Gerturdes house has a door on the south side. The bot sees this and tries to walk through it. It then stands in the same square and contiuously opens the door.
  9. The script doesn't walk down the first set of rocks to reach the Pyramid. I would like to suggest to please add "Waterskin(4)" purchasing. You can use the Lumbridge teleport. Then walk to the Shanty Pass and use the carpet back to the Pyramid (Currently doesn't use the carpet). You will always have money because you're doing Pyramid, and you would only need a little bit to start. The Lumbridge teleport easily recharges by the time the waterskins run out. Working fantastic otherwise! Does the Pyramid very well. I would maybe also suggest making the camera stay in one position. Maybe one of the 4 corners? The camera moves A LOT currently and it definitely impacts mouse usage by a lot. By making the camera stay in a corner it makes every very well visible and reduces mouse usage by a considerable amount. Edit: I've just noticed that after starting the script again the camera is moving a lot less, so I guess you can ignore the last part.
  10. The script gets stuck when arriving at the combat area. When tasked to equip the bronze dagger the script instead clicks repeatedly on the weapon slot which is empty. Instead it needs to open the combat menu where the stats are displayed so that the inventory shows, and can equip the dagger.
  11. The script gets stuck on the first tightrope obstacle. It still 1 has to clear 1 objective, but it keeps trying to go one further to the tightrope. This can take a while to happen, but the bot just gets stuck trying to reach the tightrope. Restarting the script helps fix this.
  12. After watching the bot some more I have noticed mostly that the bot gets stuck when trying to leave the minigame, but not having handed in the fruits yet. The old man speaks to you and the bot just....gets stuck.
  13. I believe it does do this, it does wait until the refill stage. I was talking about finishing the Tithe farm as a whole (all 100 seeds).
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