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  1. Hey thanks for the replies. This happens with all scripts and is not bound to a specific one. I've tried it with 3-4 different ones. In the meantime I have decided to buy a cheap ass PC for 30 Euros second hand and to just run the bots on there. Thanks for your help anyway!
  2. I run a company with a collegue of mine where we have some physical servers. I am trying to run Tribot isolated in a virtual machine with 12 cores and dynamic RAM (up to 128 GB). The problem I am facing is that when the bot is running the fps is the same as any device, but there seems to be a big delay betweens actions. I've noticed that once it is executing the action like withrdawing an item from a bank, or walking to a specific location the bot runs fine, but as soon as the bot needs to think about it's next action it takes forever. Keep in mind that these long delays are no ABCL delays! My clients are running looking glass in combination with OSBuddy. I have not tried running the bots without looking glass yet. We are running Windows Server 2016 on 2x Intel E5-2670 v2 CPU's. DDR3 RAM. Anyone have any idea why this is happening and how I can solve this? I want to aim to run 5 clients at the same time on our servers eventually.
  3. How many botting clients would you recommend per server if you are using looking glass?
  4. Looking at my Discord now from my phone shows the deleted messages, but looking at them on my computer they're completely gone. Massive apology to Optimus for this... especially because this is completely out of his control. I have deleted my messages out of respect for him of course. Very sorry for this Optimus.
  5. Will you be adding Barrows gear repairing and Blowpipe recharging in the future?
  6. Congrats on release, this looks awesome! Do you think there could be a Herbiboar option in this script in the foreseeable future?
  7. The script doesn't seem to be working properly atm. It will equip the staff at the start of the fight and use it against Zulrah, but after the first round and after switching to the ranged setup it doesn't switch back to the magic gear. It will stand still and do nothing instead. Is this because of the new OS update from yesterday?
  8. The client debug is already the smallest it can be. It doesn't get smaller than that. I will try clicking on it, thanks I didn't know that.
  9. I can't make it bigger, it's already fullscreen. How can I make it bigger if it's already the size of my screen? I don't want to hide it, I want to be able to read what it says in the paint like kills profit etc. like this I can only see the top information.
  10. This: https://imgur.com/a/kZGXmlz OSBuddy is fullscreen, so beause of that...console, I can't see the paint.
  11. If this hasn't been suggested before, I would like to suggest adding Herbiboars. I know it may not be very easy, but that would be fantastic to be able to use with the script. Currently no other script on Tribot supports this feature.
  12. My script expired. I will be buying it again in the next few days and I will show you then. I love this script so much, and with careful settings it works wonders. Thank you! Also thank you for great support.
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