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    Allways looking to buy gold at good rates

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  1. thanks i liked alot of your scripts in the past all worked really well and you where easy to contact with any questions
  2. i was wondering what some of the other users favorite scripts are for WC/MLM/Agility/Fishing are ? Additionally what makes them your favorite ?
  3. Thanks i think im going too lightly bot maybe 4-5h max per day non gold farming methods, assuming its a first offence what is the likely hood i would receive a 2day vs perm ban roughly?
  4. what would you say is the longest amount of time you would bot and feel safe about not getting banned ? { for example if you are wood cutting how long would you leave the bot cutting before having it brake and you play on the account manually } im curious what everyone's experience has been. im looking to run a bot maybe 5 hours a day to help lessen xp waste during when i work but am quite scared of getting banned. thoughts ?
  5. Buying all osrs GP at 73c Per mil. Paypal or BTC for payment. contact me here or on discord TheDoctor#7468
  6. Buying all OSRS Gold @ 75c per mil. payment via paypal or BTC.
  7. im looking to buy a large number of mithril pickaxes as the GE has a low limit
  8. i am looking for a good gold supplier i will most likely be making a purchase each week, looking to get an idea of rates. if this is a service you provide please send me a message
  9. so the script will the the giant dwarf for me ? as in if i have an account lvl 40 smithing i can just set the script up , give it some gp and it will be able to run and restock ect... all on its own ?
  10. thank you so much @michaelpwn probably saved me so much time, i used to be an avid botter back in the day but it seems things have changed. i would highly value input from someone like yourself on antiban tactics and things to avoid doing
  11. i did not know twitch prime increases ban rates, explains alot hahahahaha ive gotten 2 accounts banned quite quickly but both of them ive put twitch prime on, would you say this is likely the reason given i only botted 4 hours on the accounts @michaelpwn
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