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  1. This script is pretty glitchy in Draynor. It constantly misc-licks and ends up getting attacked by market guards and even dies to them on occasion (then it will just sit in lumbridge and log out). On top of this it doesn't track the master farmer very well and it tries to click on it through a bunch of other objects (walls, stalls, other NPC's etc. Also when it drops seeds it sometimes ends up right clicking on a seed and just sits there for 30 seconds glitching around until it figures itself out. edit: just did some xp tracking and the bot is getting 33k xp / hr @ 70 thieving at Draynor. It should be almost double this. Bot needs help.
  2. skilled


    Working on one script right now. Still looking for ideas. Stuff like inferno scripts won't be considered.
  3. Put your muffler back on. You make that car sound like a wannabe ricer
  4. 13.3 yoga 3rd gen i5 128gb ssd etcccccc Can get manufactured refurbished off of eBay for right around $500, they are very nice.
  5. skilled

    LOL Jagex!!!

    If you put all your money on your main and your main is banned how did you take 220m off of it ?
  6. I would never say that. Will come back to bite you on your ass and your service will be closed.
  7. lol????? Did you forget what you posted first? 'Moron'
  8. One word is all that is needed. Corruption.
  9. For speaking the truth? Some how on this site I am not surprised.
  10. How so? It is quite apparent there is a huge amount of corruption going on. If you are going to flame atleast provide evidence. There is plenty that points the spotlight @ montreal and other corrupt staff on this site.
  11. Even better. Montreal created a rule that claims nobody is allowed to post the URL's of the proxy sites. So he can make all the profit by up charging 200-300% off of his own community. LOL
  12. YEP! Him and his ex moderator girl that was banned for scamming were behind banning me for 0 reason. They claimed i "flamed them" which by the way is only 3 or 4 points according to the offical tribot rules posted by elmo (which he dosent hold up at all), I called that mod who is not banned "your actions are pathetic" which resulted in a month ban for "flaming". She then resulted to telling me to grow up LOL
  13. I had a large private message chat with elmo over a month ago. He was not able to rebuttal a single argument i had in regards to the corrupt proxy sales that occur on this site. He just agreed to let me be banned for speaking out abodut the truth. There might not be a single staff that gives a shit about scamming their own community, they just don't care they are after the USD and nothing else.
  14. There is a great amount of corruption going on in regards to montreal's "business". I was banned for a month and given 10 points for speaking out against his flagged proxies. It just seems like the mods on this site can be as corrupt as they want to be and nobody gives a shit. What ever. Montreal can keep making his $100 a week, he will never reach the profit margins i have obtained while doing me off of this site. His little minnow scamming proxy sales pale in comparison to the profits i make each and every day. GF SCAMMER GF,
  15. lol... Don't help this scum bag. He was banned on many sites for scamming thousands of dollars and recovering hundreds of accounts. Just look at his sythe profile. Guys a complete douche and scammed many people. http://www.sythe.org/members/93414-lucster.html
  16. Same can be said about the people who are also getting banned.
  17. I moved on and have been marking far more than what I ever made off of oldschool. If you use your head and a little bit of ingenuity you can go really far in this world. I'm clearing around ~3k a month for past 2.5 months and have spent far less time than I use to setting up 25 accounts to only be banned two days later.
  18. They deleted your account. srs.
  19. Yes, I think I am qualified to talk about proxies. Having ran over 20 man armies on the game VPN's proxies etc. to change IP has little to no effect. What bull shit am i spitting? Don't believe what the proxy resellers say including the mods, they're motives are profit driven and nothing more. Infact I was banned for a month because I spoke out against proxy resellers and bad practices.
  20. If you're going to use commas, least you could do is use them right. If I lend you acc I get free proxies plawx?
  21. Not worth it they hardly do anything. On top of that most IP's sold by the resellers on this forum have been used and recycled and most likely already have been flagged for botting RS as they all buy proxies from the same locations. If you are going to bot w/ proxies buy straight from the websites where it is 300-400% cheaper
  22. Proxies are fallacies... Move on. I've been making ~3k / month since leaving RS and method im using now is easier and have not experienced a single set back (bans) yet.
  23. Enjoy the points for posting where you shouldn't be. It is not the moderators choice to auto deny an appeal, that is just ridiculous, anyone with some common sense in their brain would see that. Sekieri is corrupt. Why is she not a moderator anymore?
  24. Username: Skilled Reason: You were warned by Elmo for flaming. You proceeded to insult me. Due to this you get a one month ban. Any attempt to dispute will be a auto denied. Learn to grow up. Thanks Issueing authority: Sekieri (corrupt) Points: 10 Explanation: The 'offence' that I committed for one is not 10 points, it is 4. This can be seen here https://tribot.org/forums/topic/13743-tribot-rules-and-regulations/ . Furthermore I was banned simply because the corrupt moderator did not like what I was telling her. I did not flame her, I simply called her actions pathetic over a private message. She then bans me for 1 month gives me 10 points and tells me to grow up while claiming any dispute will be auto denied (very mature huh... Guess i'm the one that needs to grow up) Check my PM's if you want to see what I was wrongfully banned for.
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