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we trippy mane

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we trippy mane last won the day on August 27 2018

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    High in the sky. Faded for life
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    Been gone for months was a big time community forum helper and botted for a living and to play the game. I even made custom profile pics threads etc for free and made people a lot of money so I was respected. A big part of bottIng is by your own mistakes. USE looking glass. Tested it twelve 99 fishing accounts without it banned in a week. Achieved many 99 fletching fishing and maxed accounts. Sold gold to private clients and companies. Pay for looking glass the extra money it’s worth it. Just Lost my 60 attack 99 str 1 def 1 pray staker and 50 attack 99 str 94 mage 1 def pure and many many more. Many 99 fletching accounts. A zerker with vengeance and 95 str two twin accounts 90 range 94 mage for me and twin.Move on your not even training it yourself quit botting wait 2 week then do quests after you got the account you want. Much success until months ago. Tried everything proxies looking glass vpns vps’s paid bots etc Personal account l Aso was an expert lurer over 10 bill lured with my twin. If your intelligent enough you can gain anyone’s trust. Wouldn’t lure now old enough to know it’s not cool. Had ags twins d claw twins 500k YouTube views on our twin pk vids. One of the more famous twins in the game videos. I stay faded 24 7

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  1. we trippy mane

    Cant download

    I had same issue when I was younger you need java maybe even jdk get the right one though if you use looking glass your java versions have to match either 32 or 64 bit get java asap
  2. we trippy mane

    Cant download

    Are you sure you have java downloaded
  3. we trippy mane

    is osbuddy safe?

    Yeah it’s safe you can even use looking glass on It
  4. we trippy mane

    why is it so slow

    Ehh no it’s either your internet connection or PC My laptop lagged like hell botting only on 4 bots on old computer. Get a gaming computer I can bot on 20 plus bots on one computer only 250 dollar custom made gaming computer and guarentee there will be no lag unless you get wi fi from Starbucks from your car f
  5. Reanox is an og for staying with that profile pic respect 

  6. we trippy mane

    Welcome our new administrator, Fluffee

    Congratulations I remember months ago fluffee would always be helping out the community so was I. I just wanted to help so did fluffee. I think we had a few debates on topics as well but fluffee never gave up. I left months ago. Well deserved congratulations. I never was looking for reconiginition, I don’t think he was either. Much respect. After all that hard work well deserved. Surprised he continued for 6 more months.
  7. we trippy mane

    Account creators?

    They don't make up for anything just like any other bot or script. That's on you. You're responsible for your own safety and how many accounts / bots you create. You're responsible for what IP you create your accounts on. If it were different then botting would be much easier and cheaper. Wouldn't we all like to just start up the bot and have a seperate IP on every single account we bot on without paying or changing any options....
  8. we trippy mane

    Selling level 3 accounts profitable?

    Thanks! Love the support, however where did I ever go lol? I've posted on tribot almost everyday for awhile never left lol? I was thinking about leaving but I got my money in order so I'm all good
  9. we trippy mane

    Selling level 3 accounts profitable?

    Your best bet would be sythe. It's important to gain a good reputation though so people will actually use your services and trust you. I mean people bot tut island and sell the accounts so you would be against them. Unless you bot it too. That's putting the account in jeopardy though. I wouldn't want to buy a level 3 if it was botted on in tutorial island. Would be deceitful too unless you are honest about it. Also please make the level 3's on a IP that's not flagged else you're basically putting other people in jeopardy and wasting their money
  10. we trippy mane


    Horrible and useless comment. Goes to show you truly are an asshole. A poor pathetic hypocritical asshole at that, After you add a stript download tribot make sure you have both runescape and java downloaded. Now open tribot and enter your information (tribot account username and password) click start new client the top left icon ignore the rest. Runescape should load. Log into your account go to flax field. Click start strript and chose the one you want. You should get some options to chose from like when to run or what teleports to use depends on the bot. Once ready click start and you're botting. You can add account details and create your own break times, and much more. Won't get into that though. You're less likely to get banned botting p2p and also on a premium script rather then a free one. You cannot open tribot on full screen either,
  11. we trippy mane

    is tribot not working for anyone else?

    It's working for me, but that doesn't mean other people arn't having the same issue. I hope you figure out the problem wish I could help
  12. r0fl you make me laugh
  13. we trippy mane

    10 min mail attached on this acc forgot pass lel

    Is it that hard to make a permanent email? You literally need an email to join every site. A email is necessary for everything online account wise. You can make a free email at gmail, yahoo, outlook. mail, aol, etc etc. Also just make a new tribot account? With a real email? What if you got hacked you couldn't retrieve your account without an email. Make a email, and a new tribot. You could of done this all by the time this thread was posted.
  14. we trippy mane

    Script manager not working

    Try restarting tribot had this issue a few times. If that doesn't work restart your computer, if all else fails contact an admin especially if you're missing any paid scripts. Usually after I restart tribot it works.
  15. we trippy mane