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    I was going to mention that you needed VIP E because I remember reading that. Went to look and it never mentioned anything about human mouse data in the features on the VIP purchasing page so I decided not to mention it. Even though I was almost certain you needed VIP E. I did go out of my way to try to help though. I did research to see if he needed VIP E because I was almost sure of it but when looking at the VIP purchase section it's never mentioned so I assumed it changed or I read it wrong awhile back. Don't assume I didn't try to help to an extent and I did say word of advice. So I did give him advice, meaning I was trying to help even if I was being a bit of a smartass. Why are you saying "hope it was a lesson for you we trippy mane? You didn't teach me anything. He demanded it. demanded it twice . It was all so unnecccesary all he could of done was ask politely for the human mouse data. Also he didn't pay the extra amount for the service hence he doesn't even deserve what he's demanding. Hope that will teach you a lesson, You get what you pay for.
  2. I feel like I should start botting.

    You should also warn him not to transfer any of the gold made from the botted accounts. Banned for RWT for transfering gold from an account that was botted to an account that was never botted. Anyway the chances of getting unbanned is very very slim
  3. I feel like I should start botting.

    Has that ever worked for you? Where you recovered / unbanned an account that you botted on using a proxy? I think it's almost impossible considering most professional botters use proxies. If they were all able to get their accounts unbanned they would get bills back. Jagex almost NEVER unbans an account that's been banned for macroing. I successfully got one account unbanned by emailing jagex via their email designed to be contacted by parents. I pretended to be my concerned parent (I pretended to be a mom), made up a story about how I was concerned for my child after "his in game warrior was taken away". I phrased it as though I didn't know what I was talking about because no parent would know anything about Runescape. I worded everything perfectly. Got unbanned a week later lol. I emailed parents at jagex dot com I think but they don't have that feature anymore I believe last time I tried I got a automatic message saying jagex did not use this service anymore or something. Anywaay it was hilarious.
  4. I feel like I should start botting.

    From my experience you won't get banned on the accounts you never botted on. As long as you never logged into a bot client on any of the accounts besides the ones you're botting on or trade any wealth between the botted accounts & the legit accounts even through duel arena.. However I got very unlucky, or should I say my twin. I used to sell gold and farm, Never once got banned for RWT yet I sold bills. Anyway quit for like 6 months. I bought 17m from rsmills just to pk with. Traded half the gp to my twins account through duel arena. My twin's account got banned a week ago for real world trading. My twin never real world traded, and played on a entirely seperate computer. I also bought the gold on a level 3, transfered it to my account then half to my twins. I never got banned. My twin never botted, real world traded, or anything like that on that computer yet my twin's account got banned! I never got banned. We both had the same stats too. So watch out. First time this has happend and it still makes no sense. Also these accounts were not botted on and never been played on for 6 months so it had to do with buying gold. Fuck jagex
  5. Account creators?

    They don't make up for anything just like any other bot or script. That's on you. You're responsible for your own safety and how many accounts / bots you create. You're responsible for what IP you create your accounts on. If it were different then botting would be much easier and cheaper. Wouldn't we all like to just start up the bot and have a seperate IP on every single account we bot on without paying or changing any options....

    Damn chill
  7. low ban rates?

    You're totally gonna jinx yourself now and get banned xp.... You've been getting lucky got my farm banned in less than 2 weeks. Also twin's pure got banned for real world trading recently when my twin never real world traded I did. On a serperate account on a seperate computer -,- .Starting up another. My advice for anyone, wait a few days before botting. Don't bot on fresh accounts... made on the same day. Also don't get greedy like I always do and suicide bot. You're just asking to get banned especially on two nearly maxed pures like i did xD RIP 50 attck 98 str 94 mage 1 def 13 pray and RIP my 60 attack 99 str 1 def 1 pray account. SMH greed always gets to me. Also did the same to all my 99 fishing accounts smh. Don't get greedy like me! Also got unlucky my twin's pure just got banned for RWT when my twin doesn't even RWT LOL. My twin had nothing to do with it. Plays on completely separate computer that never RWT'd. Yet my account with the same stats (95 range 1 def 94 mage) that actually real world traded never got banned. We would double d bow our targs in bounty hunter. RIP no more pking for me... I don't enjoy 1v1's only multi pking and staking
  8. Selling level 3 accounts profitable?

    Thanks! Love the support, however where did I ever go lol? I've posted on tribot almost everyday for awhile never left lol? I was thinking about leaving but I got my money in order so I'm all good
  9. Selling level 3 accounts profitable?

    Your best bet would be sythe. It's important to gain a good reputation though so people will actually use your services and trust you. I mean people bot tut island and sell the accounts so you would be against them. Unless you bot it too. That's putting the account in jeopardy though. I wouldn't want to buy a level 3 if it was botted on in tutorial island. Would be deceitful too unless you are honest about it. Also please make the level 3's on a IP that's not flagged else you're basically putting other people in jeopardy and wasting their money
  10. beginning

    Horrible and useless comment. Goes to show you truly are an asshole. A poor pathetic hypocritical asshole at that, After you add a stript download tribot make sure you have both runescape and java downloaded. Now open tribot and enter your information (tribot account username and password) click start new client the top left icon ignore the rest. Runescape should load. Log into your account go to flax field. Click start strript and chose the one you want. You should get some options to chose from like when to run or what teleports to use depends on the bot. Once ready click start and you're botting. You can add account details and create your own break times, and much more. Won't get into that though. You're less likely to get banned botting p2p and also on a premium script rather then a free one. You cannot open tribot on full screen either,
  11. Ibomeister's All In One Runescape Service

    He says he has a life and he was busy yet he literally was ON steam playing two different games the whole ENTIRE WEEK. I'm not sure about you but I don't count that as having a life LOL. Literally everytime I checked he was playing video games on steam. Every game except the game I bought him as a gift. He didn't even buy the game. Why am I crying about $10 LOL? I told you a hundred times I don't care about the money, it's the principle of the matter, You couldn't even pay me back if you wanted to. Ok refund me. Give me my money back, Let's see you do it liar. There's no way in hell you even have 10 dollars to your name, Refund me asap and I'll delete posting, Why would I cry when I have over 3k right now? Refund me or you will continue to prove my point, I'll be waiting.
  12. is tribot not working for anyone else?

    It's working for me, but that doesn't mean other people arn't having the same issue. I hope you figure out the problem wish I could help
  13. Dope! Happy new year! 2018 here we come. Time for change. Time to start shaping my future into the right path. Hope everyone else has plans to progress and move forward in their life. 2018 It's time for change!
  14. Ibomeister's All In One Runescape Service

    This guy pretends to be your friend for a month for 10 dollars. Yeah his services are trust worthy though I think. I don't really know. I mean if you're willing to pretend to be someone's friend for a month for $10, then he's most likely willing to take anything he can get his hands on. I cannot vouch, or say his services are bs though. I don't know he would never tell me if he actually makes any money off his services go figure, He sure as HELL needed $10 dollars though. $10 dollars to him is about 200 hours of work dealing with all my bullshit l0l. Btw I gave him 10 dolllars to buy rust and team up with me. Instead he vanished after I paypal'ed the money rofl. I mean I'm doing alright on the money. YES I know $500 is not a lot of money. Maximum Atm will allow me to withdraw a day cba. But this sure as hell can generate a lot more if you use it wisely. It's not very smart to backstab the people who are trying to help you. Don't need to prove anything. Anyone reading this, don't bite the hand that feeds you. That's my advice. Use his services with caution
  15. And Best ones you're gonna find. If you're asking for a service for 1 prayer fire cape, it's gonna cost you a lot and it's hard to find.