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  1. LG is looking glass. It's on tribot but you need VIP E to use that feature. Looking glass is another feature to prevent you from getting banned. It uses your browser to bot rather then the client. Search up looking glass and you should be able to figure it out
  2. When I downloaded tribot I didn't even use winrar. You don't need to use winrar to download tribot.
  3. Right by your profile picture it says your VIP. So your wrong, we can see that you are VIP. Look at your profile yourself, it shows you are VIP.
  4. Whatever you do, do NOT bot on your brother's account. There would be a high chance of his account being banned if you bot on his account. I suggest getting a proxy / vpn and making new accounts to bot on. Use a vpn / proxy so you can hide your home IP address, so there isn't any chance of your brothers account getting banned. If you're botting on a different IP address he should be safe. Do not bot on his account though, if you do he could be banned. Don't even log onto the bot client on his account.
  5. What scripts did you use? Pm me if possible. Trying to bot a main myself then completely stop botting. Been getting the banhammer so many times though :/
  6. What's the point in botting if you're going to be manually checking on it every 5 minutes? Clearly your strategy didn't work either. I'm sorry you got banned. Jagex has a bot detection software, so no matter if you play legit or not if you run a bot you risk of getting banned. That's it there's no way getting around it. I suggest not manually playing on an account your going to bot on as it's just a waste of time because you could get banned anyway, then all that work is for nothing. Plus they have a system where it looks at patterns on the account, since you played legit then botted it can tell the difference.
  7. I'm not flaming him. I wasn't belittling him either. Just giving him a reality check that's all he should know. How about comment that to the other five people who belittled him. I was nice to him, even told him good luck
  8. You must be new. You're acting like this is a big surprise. Be prepared for a lot more bans, and you used the worst scripts you could ever use. You botted cows, chickens? No wonder you got banned. Consider yourself lucky you even survived a week. Now for that being an achievement, you must not have high expectations. Good for you lol. Good luck man
  9. Deleted*
  10. Just to let you know chances are very low a p mod will see you and ban you manually. Jagex's bot detection will catch and ban you if anything. They have a very good bot detection system been banned 40 times
  11. Bye

    lol Bris010 was obviously a scammer. It's so damn obvious. Even by the way he responded and tried defending himself. Anyway it's actually hard to bot, I've had so many accounts banned in the last year. So many. I use proxies, I use looking glass, and I've tried multiple scripts. I wish someone would give me some real advice. I've used tribot on and off the last 2 years, and I can't seem to keep accounts for long. I'll put in the money to bot, then get banned then quit RS for a few months then I'll be back trying again. It's frusterating. Max account I had lasted was 3 months, and that was one time. Most my accounts now don't even last 2 weeks. If anyone can help please PM me with advice. Thanks
  12. What if you're making tons of accounts, I doubt you would want to do tutorial island ten times in a row. Plus if you're doing a bot that has a high ban rate you might have to keep redoing tutorial island. Anyway I wouldn't use a bot to do tutorial island. Those accounts always have a very high ban rate. I would just do tutorial island myself. Anyway I've had horrible luck using tribot. I've had SO many accounts banned. I use looking glass too. SMH
  13. Damn just bought this script a few days ago. Got banned using this script for about 3 days at abyss. Only used this script on the account too. Wow gf account, time, and money. Caution. :/
  14. Does this use ABC2 now? It doesn''t say it does, nor is this on the list on bots that use abc2. Has abc2 been implicated in this? If so when was it implicated? Any improvements since? Also can this script work in stronghold yet? I heard you were going to add that. That would be awesome if it could. Thanks
  15. Nevermind I figured it out. Been awhile since I've been on tribot, didn't have any money in my paypal at the time but I got it figured out.