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  1. Best proxy to buy?

    I always buy Cormack proxies but I get banned so quit. I use LG maxthon, osbuddy. I got a new Cormack proxy instany was locked
  2. Looking glass really helps prevent bans. They updated it though so it took me 3 hours to set it up this time while way back it took 10 min max. The issue was 32 vs 64 bit version's of everything. my guide if you want to start looking glass. Link looking glass with osbuddy. Get's complicated. did you download the 32 bit version of osbuddy? Also the 32 bit 102 jdk? and Are you opening tribot with jdk? also make sure you have 32bit version of java. Took few hours for me to figure this out. I had to delete literally everything and redownload everything the right way to make it work. Also fluffee's advice helped me. His thread is So here's
  3. All virmach proxies flagged?

    Hey I'm almost sure all virmach proxies are flagged. I've botted for years and I notice the virmach proxies never lead anywhere good. I'm almost sure they are flagged and reused. Bought the proxy, made account got locked right away. Asked virmach too give me another proxy. Same thing account locked and one of my three starting accounts banned. I use every precaution I proxy osbuddy I use looking glass. I use maxthon proxy to make the accounts, I've tried numerous scripts. I manually do tutorial island, I take breaks. Virmach is complete shit, Could someone please PM me reliable proxies? thanks
  4. Banned 100th time. Thinking of giving up

    I try something new everytime. Literally the script the proxy the way I hook LG etc
  5. Banned 100th time. Thinking of giving up

    Oh obviously you dont have issues you make private scripts....
  6. Banned 100th time. Thinking of giving up

    Do you use virmach because that's what I use and it's not working
  7. Banned 100th time. Thinking of giving up

    Do you use proxies and if so what?
  8. Banned 100th time. Thinking of giving up

    I've had many successful gold farms. But this was months ago. I've been out of the game, so I lost touch with the realities of botting. I used to make a lot of gold, and money.. Now I can't work around their detection syste. So in hindsight I was at my prime.
  9. Banned 100th time. Thinking of giving up

    I never bot f2p.
  10. I keep investing 50 bucks into tribot just to be banned within a week. I use virmach proxies, lookong glass, premium scripts, maxthon to create the account via proxy. Always get banned. I feel like quitting and giving up tribot for good. I bought many different scripts too. Just money and time down the drain. So tired of this. I keep coming to tribot because it's the only bot I have experience with. I start bot farm get banned come back month later try something else but nothing works. Mod mod mod weath always targeting me my damn worse enemy
  11. starting tribot

    Also Have you downloaded java yet? Have an anti virus blocking it? Perhaps the firewall?
  12. Recommended Heap size?

    Remember to disable graphics when your on the tribot client. Helps use less specs. Lags less. Allows you to bot on more clients as well. Disable graphics once you start botting you can always enable again to see what's happening. Top on tribot click client then disable graphics
  13. Looking glass black screen

    Good luck
  14. Help? When using proxifier tribot's proxy won't work?

    It literally takes 1 minute to connect a proxy to maxthon and dont you need to anyway? So you can create accounts on the same IP as the client you log into? Also it takes 20 seconds to unlock an account. All you do is click an email link. But Since I was locked I think I'm going to get banned on all my accounts soon. I bet you 10 bucks I'll be banned a week
  15. Help? When using proxifier tribot's proxy won't work?

    It is unless you keep getting locked everytime you know?