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  1. Paying 1.15-1.20 depending on amount fees covered by me add my skype and pm me yours:ilovebrookejacobson
  2. What kind of trade: Questing/30-53 thieving for 20m 07 What is your Skype:ilovebrookejacobson Do you agree the Terms of Service: yes
  3. very high now sadly, ive been banned multiple times after switching ip/mac/cpu and all emails/association to any account and tried various scripts for combat /woodcutting/ect
  4. Looking to buy 80-100m for around 1.10$ per mill (since im buying sorta bulk) will use MM i got cash in bank ready so i can use basically any payment method. I will pay fees
  5. kinda fucked myself and added my money to circle without realizing it isn't bitcoin address compatible anymore. looking to buy 10$ worth of gold with circle if possible :/
  6. bro what is item id on fury it wont work i hit start and the gui doesnt go away and it wont start merhcing?? same with a bgs berserker ring ect but sharks it worrks some reason
  7. was getting 90k each but all banned using masters aio
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