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  1. rickyguerrero

    What is the ban rate for Tribot now?

    very high now sadly, ive been banned multiple times after switching ip/mac/cpu and all emails/association to any account and tried various scripts for combat /woodcutting/ect
  2. hows the ban rate on this script currently? last time i used it i received bans pretty fast
  3. bro what is item id on fury it wont work i hit start and the gui doesnt go away and it wont start merhcing?? same with a bgs berserker ring ect but sharks it worrks some reason
  4. not blaming him lol just saying, but good tip.. was using archers for range bonus but i learned my lesson !! thanks for the heads up on rol !
  5. came back from work and im dead gf 43k iron knives... not alot luckily i didnt have my ranger set on.. please fix i dont pay for scripts that make me come back dead bro not very happy with this
  6. got banned after 16 hours of running be aware this script blows imo... 16 hours and i wasnt even at known locations be aware, huge waiste of money