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  1. I'm tryna upload my mouse data so I can get my encryption key on this thread: But there's no option to post on there: https://gyazo.com/68dc21d205484b38799b0a1c99f9709c Is Tri not accepting mouse data anymore? Anyway, Ima attach mine here. Xmouse_data-303549-1460403575720.dat
  2. Ok thanks a lot. I've gotten it to check if it's on the tile or in combat. Now my issue is though, that I'm using Mouse.click(stallId); to click/steal the stall, but I see in the docs that this does not do what I want it to. Do you know if there is a class/method that allows clicks based on Object Id?
  3. When it is a loop, it just constantly clicks forever. Sorry, forgot to mention that.
  4. I'm trying to write a script that can steal from all the Ardougne stalls. Right now, the bot will spam click the CAKE_THIEF_TILE on the minimap a few times, and then end the script. This is my first script, and I'm very new to Java and scripting, so I assume my issue is a list of logical errors, but if someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong (including: syntax, code conventions, format), please let me know. Thanks.