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  1. Hey FALSkills, thanks for the quick responds. I also thought that was the case, which is why I tried on multiple accounts but had the same outcome (forgot to mention). Maybe I'm just absurdly unlucky haha. Thank you for the input though, I appreciate the help!
  2. Hey all, I'm fairly new to the scripting scene as well as Java, but tend to try figuring out issues I'm having with my own code by myself in hopes of becoming a better programmer. Although I'm getting tangled up with confusion with WalkingPreference. Here's the code: public static void walkPrefTest() { ABUTil abc = new ABUtil(); while (true) { int i = General.random(4, 13); System.out.println(abc.generateWalkingPreference(i) + i); General.sleep(100); } } I'm unsure if I'm using it completely incorrectly, if it's a stupid little mistake or if the SCREEN pref is insanely rare. When using other generated preferences i.e. the bank preference, both preferences show up. Thanks all in advanced!
  3. Part two Xmouse_data-303253-1454161139099.dat Xmouse_data-303253-1454161871704.dat Xmouse_data-303253-1454162375804.dat Xmouse_data-303253-1454163239291.dat Xmouse_data-303253-1454163807046.dat Xmouse_data-303253-1454164429185.dat
  4. Part one Xmouse_data-303253-1454145527389.dat Xmouse_data-303253-1454146491500.dat Xmouse_data-303253-1454148442781.dat Xmouse_data-303253-1454149059368.dat Xmouse_data-303253-1454149621822.dat Xmouse_data-303253-1454150287764.dat Xmouse_data-303253-1454152160869.dat Xmouse_data-303253-1454152656817.dat Xmouse_data-303253-1454153527256.dat Xmouse_data-303253-1454154372690.dat Xmouse_data-303253-1454155083186.dat Xmouse_data-303253-1454156170544.dat Xmouse_data-303253-1454157746634.dat Xmouse_data-303253-1454159444225.dat Xmouse_data-303253-1454158260282.dat Xmouse_data-303253-1454160323245.dat