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  1. There's no price there.
  2. Looking for a fighter torso on my zerker. 60 attack 90 str. - Post prices here or pm me - RSGP only. Also looking for a powerleveller for a fresh staking account. pm me for details. thanks.
  3. Hi, I've added you on skype, please accept so we can discuss fcape. thanks.
  4. I messaged you
  5. ty, will give it a look. have you got a link to his thread?
  6. Would you consider 8M?
  7. Ironically I already fucked up my zerker to 46 defence. Still, i'd prefer someone who wont make a rookie error doing a fcape.
  8. Do you have any vouches? Have you done this for anyone here before? Because if not, why bother posting?
  9. can someone vouch for you? what's this about defence? edit; your thread states 6.5M yet here you say 7.5?
  10. no thanks
  11. I need a trusted user to get a firecape for me. 93 range, 45 defence, 44 pray, full void. I'll be paying in OSRS GP. I've contacted a few vendors but nobody has got back to me. Post your prices here. thanks. Need it doing tonight or tomorrow at latest.
  12. whats your price for firecape w/ 93 range and 45 def + void?
  13. fucking hell the kid was annoying as fuck. who was he?