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  1. Looking for a fighter torso on my zerker. 60 attack 90 str. - Post prices here or pm me - RSGP only. Also looking for a powerleveller for a fresh staking account. pm me for details. thanks.
  2. ty, will give it a look. have you got a link to his thread?
  3. Ironically I already fucked up my zerker to 46 defence. Still, i'd prefer someone who wont make a rookie error doing a fcape.
  4. Do you have any vouches? Have you done this for anyone here before? Because if not, why bother posting?
  5. can someone vouch for you? what's this about defence? edit; your thread states 6.5M yet here you say 7.5?
  6. I need a trusted user to get a firecape for me. 93 range, 45 defence, 44 pray, full void. I'll be paying in OSRS GP. I've contacted a few vendors but nobody has got back to me. Post your prices here. thanks. Need it doing tonight or tomorrow at latest.
  7. Hi, I'm looking for a money making method for my zerker pure but I'd like the auth to be lifetime and appropriate for the account type. I was thinking erickho's lifetime runecrafting script - would this be suitable? I've never RC'ed before. What can I expect from it? Thanks
  8. @Tri I've encountered a few problems with this script. Firstly, whenever it attempts to hop worlds it often tries to go to a deadman world and gets stuck on the warning screen, pre-hop. Secondly and most importantly, I have my script set to hop worlds if my area becomes too crowded however there have been several instances wherein the bot has hopped and it's opened up the welcome screen that appears when you first log-in (the one that tells you about how many days membership you have left etc). When the script meets this screen it freezes for a minute, says 'out of supplies' and then the script ends. This has happened several times when I've left it overnight for exp gains. It's very frustrating. This isn't meant as a negative post. The bot is very, very good and I recommend it to anyone who wants an all-in-one fighter script. There's just a few things that could be ironed out to make it even better. Thanks!
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