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    Lifetime Moneymaking Script

    Hi, I'm looking for a money making method for my zerker pure but I'd like the auth to be lifetime and appropriate for the account type. I was thinking erickho's lifetime runecrafting script - would this be suitable? I've never RC'ed before. What can I expect from it? Thanks
  2. @Tri I've encountered a few problems with this script. Firstly, whenever it attempts to hop worlds it often tries to go to a deadman world and gets stuck on the warning screen, pre-hop. Secondly and most importantly, I have my script set to hop worlds if my area becomes too crowded however there have been several instances wherein the bot has hopped and it's opened up the welcome screen that appears when you first log-in (the one that tells you about how many days membership you have left etc). When the script meets this screen it freezes for a minute, says 'out of supplies' and then the script ends. This has happened several times when I've left it overnight for exp gains. It's very frustrating. This isn't meant as a negative post. The bot is very, very good and I recommend it to anyone who wants an all-in-one fighter script. There's just a few things that could be ironed out to make it even better. Thanks!
  3. Ran this script for 2 hours and returned to find it stuck behind the gate having powered 0 orbs. In fact the script had just been logging in and out repeatedly at this point (according to debug). It's not unlikely that I'll be banned for this obvious bot-like behaviour and I will update this message if I am (WARNING TO OTHER POTENTIAL USERS)
  4. jamboy123

    Silly Request/Question - Fight Caves

    This is most likely a silly question, but have there ever been any serious attempts to make a successful fight caves bot? If not (which presumably is the case) what is the reason; are there too many variables?
  5. Can this be used for a zerker pure? I've only just come back to OSRS and want a method faster than botting experiments to level range and combat. cheers
  6. Can users who have bought this script please confirm it's current quality? This script appears to be receiving a lot of negative feedback at the moment, therefore I'd like user input as to the reasons; specific bad users, bad script or jagex generally stepping up their bot detection and ban rate at PC. I was considering purchasing this bot, however I need the above information before deciding.
  7. @Tri I've encountered an issue several times over the past 24 hours wherein I find the script logged out due to an apparent lack of supplies, yet all the supplies are full in my inventory. Any idea what's going on?
  8. Hey could you explain this a little further? What is the human mouse data? What happens when we enable mouse data collector? Also when we do, if the slots given for human mouse data are limited to those who have submitted the most doesn't this mean people new to botting don't have a chance at access?
  9. jamboy123

    No verification email for paypal

    I previously purchased credits through my verified paypal account. I verified my email and made my purchase. However I'm attempting to buy more credits, but when I hit the verify email address button I'm not getting any confirmation emails. EDIT - SORRY RESOLVED!
  10. jamboy123

    AIO TRiBot Support Thread

    Hi. This script won't run for me, every time I load the script and setting it just sits and does nothing. I'm not home currently so can't produce requested log, but will do when im home. Is anyone else having this problem? The bot won't do anything other than pick up my iron knife thrown manually
  11. jamboy123

    bot will not start

    my AIO script isnt working either, must be something up across the board.
  12. jamboy123

    [ABCL10] daxMiner [M1D1/Bank/Mouse Keys]

    anyone made progress with this? it's very quick I'm just concerned about ban rate... maybe someone could shed some light?