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  1. I am using this script for 3 weeks now atm and i was thinking the same thing to make mule support and also to make the mule able to resuply from account that buy ores because of ge limits would be op as fuck
  2. i apreciate the fast response somehow it is working now and it really is flawless 2775 steel bars p h easy wil buy for sure thnx for the great script
  3. i am trying to run it but somehow it keeps saying the GUI is not filled out correctly while i can not find what i havent filled in any help please? i would love to try the script
  4. Does this bot has a master slave mode where the slaves un note my essence by 27 ea time at the un note npc at general store? Would be awsome just some lvls 3 whit p ess running for 1 other bot will ne a fast 92 rc
  5. yup ot works just put enough money in the coffer but still sometimes it clicks deposit box ive send dax a private message about it hope to see it fixed ass well could be very good gold
  6. i tried it they got banned fairly quick when running ur own world
  7. tried it once suiciding u will be banned whitin 10 hours or so
  8. lol willing to risk a main over some gps u wil get banned very quick at bf mate watch out
  9. thats why its useful to use world 58 and get few extra bots as workers or to run your own world but i rather suggest world 58 because if you run world full of bots they get banned to quick but i dont use this script anymore
  10. falconary keeps walking doesnt catch things? could anyone help me plz
  11. i got the elite one lifetime unlim auths leeching is the way to go i never use world 358 anyway i use clans who do the working or i get 5 worker bots and run my own worlds
  12. i have no idea for me it works just fine i think your settings are just wrong also it doesnt pedal if there are no ores on convyer
  13. ive been running it for about 5 days ice gloves and coal bag no ban whatsoever 1m per hour