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  1. I guess this one was the first i tried and same thing happened, but i will try this one tomorrow one more time.
  2. Thanks, but i spent few hours trying different things, this wont work, it will detect it as 7400m.
  3. Yeah, i was installing them from online, i was not able to find any disc because this laptop is like 2-4 years old, but i will try to search more tomorrow, any more suggestions would be nice.
  4. I recently reinstalled my ASUS K72DY laptop, everything was good until i tried to install video card drivers for HD6470M which is built in this laptop, however after installing drivers it showed up as HD7400M series, after rebooting i was unable to see any picture when windows booted just heard that windows sound when it turns on, everything was fine in DOS. So i had to boot windows in safe mode to uninstall those drivers. Everything worked before reinstalling my computer and it were detecting right video card. I already tried installing 64x and 84x operating system, reinstalling video card drivers, i downloaded older catalyst software thing, but there were only AMD gaming software things etc. it didnt installed older video card drivers, just things that come with catalyst software. Sadly i dont have windows old folder, although not sure it would be help. Would be good if anyone would be able to help me, otherwise i am kinda stuck. My ASUS K72DY Specs: AMD® Phenom™ II Dual-Core N660 3 GHz Processor 4GB DDR3 1066 AMD Radeon® HD 6470M with 1GB DDR3 VRAM
  5. I was botting with i3 for a long time, i was able to max out about 7-10 bots on i3 3220, depends on script etc.
  6. Not worth botting with this, all you will get is ban unless the way this script work is changed.
  7. Yeah, i have been using this too, it looks good, anti ban and such features, but i wouldnt say ban rate is low, i dont know its pattern or what, but thats the way it is, dont delete my posts.
  8. definetly the scripts problem, just had lag, connection lost and bot spams disabled all randoms and wont do anything just mouse is stable the script comparing to the other premium takes a fair amount more ram and cpu, if theres a fix for that please do so.
  9. i let the client log in account at first when i start the script, but after 6h it logs out and doesnt recognize it. this cant be the client. and when i log in myself it spams around inventory area randomly and to make the script better a remember tick box would be awesome
  10. wont log in but maybe you fixed it, it wasnt logging in yday night after 6 hour mark