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Everything posted by Nijyman1

  1. Nijyman1

    TRiBot Release 9.305_1 - Temporary Patch

    Can't wait till LG is back up!
  2. Nijyman1

    What is LG?

    I figured it out! All i had to do was load up the RS client before the tribot loader so the loader could then recognize a client was up and reflect. =]
  3. Nijyman1

    What is LG?

    Can someone help me with LG, when i click on new client (looking glass) it just says loading Rs Client and it stays like that, before it asked me to install JDK and i did
  4. I still have this issue, can someone please help! Thanks
  5. Nijyman1

    Auto Miner

    Banking at mining guild doesnt work, it banks at fally west bank instead of east
  6. Nijyman1

    Auto Miner

    Would it be possible to see the changelog of the updates?
  7. Nijyman1

    Auto Miner

    Can you please fix the banking, this script was amazing before it was rewritten
  8. Nijyman1

    Auto Miner

    It doesnt work when mining at al-Kharid it banks at lumby castle..... What was wrong with Encoded Miner?
  9. Nijyman1

    Auto Miner

    i Bank with it please keep that feature!! Al-Kharid mine is messed up it banks at lumby....