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  1. How do people have 120hr Proggies with Dharok? What happens when it degrades?
  2. It runs great thanks for the script, question though. When does it know when to leave if it runs out of absorbtion pots or overloads? Because I ran out of overloads and it stayed in the nmz and was still fighting
  3. Thanks for the IDs but I can't find any of those anywhere on that link or the ID Button on the GUI
  4. Can someone give me the codes for DH Axe 100, 75, 50, and 0 I can't find the codes and It wont switch back after Gmaul specing
  5. Hey man I bought this script a while back on my old computer and now I started playing again and was wondering on how i can get it back?

  6. I try running the script, i fill in the options and then it logs me out and ends the script. Any recommendations on how to fix this? Such as when i click "Yes" for bones to bananas or when I click yes on dragon stone mode it logs me out and ends the script. When I click no it also does the same
  7. Gunna give this a try
  8. New to hunter botting, how much GP do I need for a start up cost to bot hunting from level 1? just off of tutorial island?
  9. Awesome give away, thanks man!
  10. I'm talking about multiple Runescape accounts that they dont pay for. Like people on these forums that bot 5 diff accounts, do they pay 5 diff memberships?
  11. How do people have multiple accounts and only pay 1 membership fee?
  12. I would also be interested, I just need a few pointers I'm net to botting. PM Me!