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  1. Is there any way to make the script run away from monks after it finishes? Keep in mind I am not training normally. I am using a 1 att, 1 str, defence pure, it takes usually, about 5-10 mins to kill one so I wouldn't be afraid of using breaks/autolog for regular accounts. I always had to log-out manually because over the course of fighting the monk, it would say that "You are in combat, please wait before logging out" several times. _______ Was a great script for my def pure besides that, I got 66 defence using it (with level 1 everything else) which is over 100 hours. edit: I'm hitting 2's w/ my str bonus so I actually kill the monks, much faster method, which is why this script has been nice to use.
  2. Does the bot work in seasonals Deadman mode?
  3. I will probably just wait until monday and offer some real life money for someone to make the script. I don't really know much about looking glass and I'd rather be safe than sorry.
  4. Looking glass shows your enemy's health? (player)
  5. You can get banned for botting though, and if they do flag your IP then they are probably more likely to investigate that account.
  6. You sure that works in Java applets? I don't wanna risk losing my account by logging in with flagged IP.
  7. Yeah but I don't know how to use my proxy to connect to osbuddy, I'm guessing it's not possible :/
  8. Hey, the titles pretty self explanitory, Im looking for a tool that will display the enemies HP level that way I can KO them when I see their low enough HP.
  9. Plp


    My proggie . Thanks for the script. You have my permission to crop these images and use in your thread.
  10. Plp


    Testing now. Wondering what your method is for keeping the account logged in? Edit: okay I see, it moves the mouse... are the movements randomized? Like they aren't always the same time between movement?
  11. Can you fix this problem please? It keeps trying to start a break before it's finished killing the NPC.
  12. Before I buy, I would like to know... is there some variance between each click while alching or does it take eg: 2 seconds exactly during the wait before it alchs the next item?
  13. I have two suggestions for this script... #1 would be nice to have mouse speed variables (between __ and ___) Also #2 suggestion I don't know if it's possible but could you make it buy items out of the G.E. after it's finished using runes or alchable items (im using magic longbows and can only afford like 1.7k at a time).
  14. This is the second time it's crashed for another reason. Debug: http://pastebin.com/raw/3M5vaxJu