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  1. iNhab

    Help with new oficial CLI start

    or delete the tribot folder
  2. Is it possible to make this nmz bot enter bank pin by himself? Because I don't want to be sitting next to the bott for every 6 hours.
  3. Hello. What's the issue right there? Why I can't start a bot? + Is there an option to insert your accounts info link bank pin and stuff like that so when it relogs, it can use bank and other features? Please help me, bought a bot and can't use it...
  4. iNhab

    ExNightmareZone Not working

    It was -1 but it didn't work for me, that's why i deleted it and tried without.
  5. I'm trying to run my bott but something is not working. Overlooked the options and everything and can't seem to find why I can't run this. Any suggestions?