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  1. I'm very disappointed. I have purchased a lifetime subscription a long time ago, just to see it doesn't work anymore? Why and how? Please give me my lifetime sub back
  2. @Mute Banking at the East and West SAND crabs does not work. It just runs back and forth on the beach
  3. I have noticed a few things in addition to my previous posts: When attacking a wyvern it will go in afk(anti-ban) mode instantly. When it kills the wyvern it will do the same and loot afterwards, Which is completely retarded, because wyverns are aggressive. Meaning you will run througout the fucking dungeon just to collect ur loot. Since the bot also has a slow reaction timing, (takes atleast 2-3 secs to hover to loot). When attacking a wyvern, your mouse will hover over someone else's wyvern for no reason at all, it sometimes tries to attack it while already being attacked. It should only prioritize loot gotten by killing own wyverns, Also loot after you killed wyvern immediately and then go into afk mode, because wyverns respawn and makes you stay at same place longer. Instead of everyone noticing ur a scrub because you run around all over..... Need more travelling methods. Scripter can look this up for himself. In overall, the bot needs to be smarter ALOT.
  4. I do not know about ur tracking records, but I've died and had to retrieve my gear.
  5. Despite my previous post. I recommend to not buy this fail script. This script is nowhere near the price it says. The owner only made it this high because you can get some okay $/h. However, The bot dies. Missclicks, doesn't detect which wyvern it is attacking, making it failing when it is being attacked and tries to attack another for 5 minutes, resulting in easy deaths. The bot also does not eat to full hp when banking, making the bot enter with 35hp @ dungeon. This sucks. Bot needs to upgrade alot before it even can be a premium script....
  6. I notice it is using a super combat potion(4), After the inventory is done and the bot has to bank, it has (3) doses left. Now it deposits the (3) dosed and takes a (4) dosed from the bank. Can you set it that it will only deposit (1) dose, just incase it will use 2 doses once.
  7. When I'm using zul-andra teleports I get around 9 kills/hour and with charter I get around 5-6
  8. Alright, I did however reset my .tribot folder. The only issue that I have right now: When i try to start any script It states that I need tribot VIP in order to bot on more than 1 account. However I am only using 1 account. Any guide on how to fix this? I will be making a video for you later on today
  9. On 1 of the 4 patterns, the bot thinks zulrah is going in GREEN mode when it actually stays in BLUE. I think this is Pattern 2 as of jagex has added a sort of "random" rotation in it or something. What I mean is a normal player would fill the first row with: void ranger helm, blowpipe, prayer potion, prayer potion, 2nd row: accumulator, snakeskin boots, anti-venom(+), magic potion. 3th row: ranging potion, ring of duelling, food Now the items are just placed everywhere in the inventory which makes the switches a bit unreal
  10. So here's this: I bought this script and I must tell you that it is failing at patterns. 1/2/3/4 IDK which, but it sometimes thinks it is in another pattern, like WTF which human would be that retarded. Nonetheless, It should make it so that when it gets the items from the bank (gear) Use the 1 and 2 space from row 1-2-3-4. 4 for the 8 item switch. I know my English is not the greatest , but I am trying to help the writer so he can fix it.
  11. The clicking is too precise on cleaning herbs
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