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  1. atrain0009

    [Under Development] Noob Account Leveler

    Glad to see you still hustlin homie!
  2. atrain0009

    [Under Development] Noob Account Leveler

    You still killin it homie.
  3. atrain0009

    what i have to do to avoid that?

    I'm surprised you're able to even navigate the internet without 24/7 assistance. God bless.
  4. atrain0009

    Brians (Almost) Daily question

    You can use USA's Bot Management Farm Tool - it helped me get started. It allows for Muling (both Mule and Slave trading), and GE supplying (not together, but you can try try to finagle the script queue). Honestly, as annoying as it is, the muling process will differ slightly for every method, especially when you're trying to be most efficient. So for me, it's much easier to write custom muling based on my needs. For others, they pay for a private management script usually involving a client wrapper to control starting and stopping scripts.
  5. atrain0009

    botting is better for RS3 or OSRS ?

    100% vs 100%
  6. Nah, now you guys are officially botting bros
  7. atrain0009

    [Under Development] Noob Account Leveler

    Damn, you killin it.
  8. atrain0009

    How automated is your farm?

    I press start once a week.
  9. atrain0009

    When to Bond your new Bots

    This thread warms my heart.
  10. atrain0009

    Script suggestions?

    You're suggesting wrappers instead of scripts. However, what you described could be coded into a script, just have it check the time on the computer to know when to log in.
  11. atrain0009

    Script suggestions?

    Sounds like the perfect task for ya. Good luck, homie
  12. atrain0009

    Script suggestions?

    Try a leveler for new accounts. Levels combat, woodcutting, fishing, firemaking, whatever. Just like 4-5 skills to lvl 20 or so, no supplies required, so your script should do the gathering. I feel like the difficulty level fits well for you as well. Also, you'll get users galore.
  13. atrain0009

    Any way to get money back for lost scripts?

    Damn, so cold. #scriptlivesmatter