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  1. you can buy like 5 credits a month in here from a person. if you want i can sell you some
  2. i wouldn't risk it i think its still not safe.
  3. if you want, i can sell you some?
  4. something for yohojo
  5. 500k for 20 hours botting....... when you can get people that offer way more.
  6. doubt it, you can always request for one tho.
  7. how small is the chance of getting banned?
  8. pretty sure that tribot is only for oldschool runescape bot and not rs3?
  9. i don't really understand the question
  10. i suggest using another botsite for this.
  11. huh since when is rsc released?
  12. pretty sure you can't twitch knows ^^
  13. oops accidently quoted, i think you're flagged chance is small tho, also use vip scripts less chance for ban.
  14. got atm 80 hunter thanks to this script!
  15. pretty sure if you train your combat by botting it's gonna be a warning of 2 days, but making money with a bot is just perm