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  1. Alright, before I uploaded my avatar I made sure to read the guidelines before doing so. My first avatar was 3 pigs and for some reason it offended people (maybe they were vegans or thought of beastility or something because a mod told me it was pornographic and offensive). Heres the pig picture in question http://i.imgur.com/fK8cZ.jpg. Then I uploaded a picture with 2 feet and that got removed right after I added it (people with a foot fetish perhaps?) http://i.imgur.com/qAjFvkY.jpg . Now neither of these are "pornographic" unless you really twist it aroun to be perverted. For example tacomanstans picture can be refered to as a vagina since its a taco. Or USA's can be supportig terrorist because of the gray figure infront on the usa flag. Or mutes could be for the illuminati since it has the illuminatti triangles. Why am I being targeted? You can make ANY image seem innappropraite just like I have demonstrated. What are your views on this issue? Are they trying to pressure me into buying VIP?
  2. it said its required for me to change pw every 6 months, but i havnt been with tribot for 6 months
  3. Hha wow I didn't even see it like that. Its 3 pigs
  4. Real farmer. But I hope to become a gold farmer aswell
  5. Hello, I've been playing rs since 2009 and rs07 since it was released. I never botted, but thats going to change soon because this site looks promosing. Heres a little about myself. My name is Ernest, I'm 31 years old, and if you couldn't guess by my name I'm a farmer! I hope this community is as great as it seems!
  6. hi will this pick up arrows if i range? plese respond back