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  1. lukasas

    Eagle's Peak

    It worked perfectly this time. Thanks again!
  2. lukasas

    Eagle's Peak

    I've tried to continue the script from the exact same position as shown in the picture above. Unfortunately, the bot does nothing. I believe that the issue still persists. I've checked the logs and bot debug still shows the same dax walker response (UNMAPPED_REGION).
  3. lukasas

    Eagle's Peak

    Thanks for the fix. The issue mentioned above seems to be fixed. However, this time the script got stuck at this place: https://imgur.com/a/mZpeXl0 Client debug: Bot debug: Would be pleased if you take the time to fix this one too. @FALSkills
  4. lukasas

    Eagle's Peak

    I have been getting the following exception lately. Any chance for this to get fixed? @FALSkills
  5. Script stucks to a loop while buying camelot teleports when its about to start the quest. It buys a teleport, deposits it to bank, then buys one again, deposits it to bank again etc. It does these actions endlessly. Was using LG. @Naton
  6. @godspower33 The script does not turn run energy on for me. It just keeps walking even if run energy is at 100%. Could you please fix it? Other than that the script works flawlessly. I'm thinking to buy this script.
  7. It seems that username generation only works when creating accounts, isn't it? In my case I have the account already created and only want to complete the tutorial island regardless of the username. Maybe a possible fix to this would be to add a checkbox indicating whether to select one of the offered usernames if the provided username is unavailable, or log out otherwise.
  8. When providing already existing username, the bot enters the username but logs out afterwards instead of choosing one of offered usernames. Any clue why this might be happening? @Fluffee
  9. So what is the purpose of LG if the client is undetectable in your opinion?
  10. Thanks for the fix. However, the same issue persists after todays update. @Aropupu
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