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  1. lukasas

    Eagle's Peak

    It worked. Thanks!
  2. lukasas

    Eagle's Peak

    Hello. Recently the bot got stuck at this place: Log: @FALSkills
  3. @Usa @Fluffee CLI starter still boken.
  4. It is probably a dax walker, not the script, issue.
  5. lukasas

    Eagle's Peak

    It worked. Thanks!
  6. lukasas

    Eagle's Peak

    Thanks for responding! Unfortunately, I am getting this error now (State: WALKING_TO_CHARLIE):
  7. lukasas

    Eagle's Peak

    Hi. Recevntly the script got stuck at this place: It's probably due to recent RS udate. This script was working flawlessly before. @FALSkills
  8. The script stucks at the following location: At the end of the conversation, the bot clicks again on the dwarf and starts talking again, thus creating a loop. Any idea on why this is happening? Other than that, the script is flawless. Thanks. @Naton
  9. Ran into the following issue while botting at black chins: Tried to restart the client, did not help. Any clue why the bot has trouble grabbing world? @daxmagex
  10. The bug was caused by this issue https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/TRiBot-Issues/issues/116 I disabled runelite plugin and it seems to be working now. Thanks for responding anyways.
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