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  1. got 99 fm today with this
  2. are you using any special settings or just default and how many hours/breaks per day? Edit: is there a way i can make it summer pie for higher level courses?
  3. ive restarted tribot alot of times and still the problem persists, its only every couple of times that it does it now though.. it seems that it only equips the glory whenever it needs to eat food.. so it will withdraw food and pure ess then bank the food then take out a glory equip it fill 2 pouches then bank and refill the other 2.. but when it gets stuck it doesnt withdraw any pure ess and just endlessly withdraw and deposits the glory Edit 2: also seems to get stuck when hopping worlds in the world choosing screen
  4. Script just continuously withdraws and deposits glory amulet (4) and stays doing it indefinitely
  5. will this efficiently buy sand/soda ash/seaweed from port kazard? for lets say an ironman?
  6. which is best mate and ill give it a try, i just figured it wont log to other people killing dragons
  7. ive got over 60 kills and only 9 bones banked.. the script is getting hit nearly every time it lures the dragon then not being able to log out this is the cause of 90% of deaths so far that ive witnessed and since im trying out trident im losing so much money, im using the west dragon spawn.. after it moves to lure the monster it will stand 1 square east of the safespot just waiting to be hit by the dragon then eventually move back into the safe spot
  8. well it seems my bot died to dragons last night then went back and died to dragons again while stood on the loot pile Cx
  9. thats another thing, its not actually hopping to a free to play world when selected in the gui
  10. it runs basically all the way to corp cave instead of just teleporting at 30 wild so it gets hit by ents and they can hit 20 each and theres a few in the area (multi).. also ive noticed the script will tank lava drags hits sometimes instead of attacking then running straight back tot he safe spot ive lost 300k+ inventories multiple times because a pker will log in within the 10 seconds it takes for you to be able to log after the dragon attacking you
  11. i wish the script would tele out at lvl 30 wild instead of running into ents.. ive died a few times there and its quite annoying..
  12. im trying occult now it seems okay but im jubious incase it gets a couple rune drops and loses the occult.. and im also trying fire bolts not sure if its actually worth it i suppose its worth a try
  13. not logging out fast enough and is it worth it to use occult necklace? as the alch value of it is extremely low!