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  1. deus-x

    Welcome Screen if statement

    I think the issue might be that the login bot thread takes precedence over the script thread. In my experience, it seems like the login bot thread ends when the "Click here to play" button is clicked. I'm guessing that sometimes your script begins firing quickly enough to grab those interfaces and check them, and other times it doesn't. It's a gross solution, but if you have to detect the text at the welcome interface, I'm wondering if the only thing you can do is to spawn a separate thread (this won't be blocked by the login bot thread) to check if that interface text is there. If your script can change a bit, it seems more intelligent to do what Boston said and check for it at the bank screen itself. It's definitely possible to click the exit button on the bank pin interface and then logout from there. This is unrelated but worth mentioning: if (c.getText().contains("You do not have a Bank PIN. Please visit a bank if you would like one.")) { bankPinStatus = false; } else { bankPinStatus = true; } That can (preferably) be written like this: bankPinStatus = !c.getText().contains("You do not have a Bank PIN.")); When you find yourself assigning a boolean value based on a single condition in an if-else block, it's better to just assign the variable directly to the condition. It's needlessly verbose to write it the way you have. Additionally, String#contains will return true if a string contains the substring you've passed in -- there's no need to match the entire string!
  2. deus-x

    (Constructive) Critisicm please :)

    If you try to access a null object, you'll get a NullPointerException, that's true. But the API specifically returns an empty array, not null, when you call Objects.find (and the same thing happens with Npcs.find and probably a few other places), so there's no reason to check if the array is null.
  3. Bought a firescape for OSGP. Very fast, very professional, and cheaper than most services! Would definitely use again. Thank, Kevin!

  4. deus-x

    Client Starter Bug on Linux [Debian 7.0 x86 VPS]

    Experiencing the same problem on Ubuntu 15.10.
  5. deus-x

    Won't let me login to the client

    I'm pretty confident it's your username. I just made a new account with an apostrophe in it and it gave me an invalid username and password message also. I would shoot @Usa, @Todd, or @TRiLeZ a message.
  6. deus-x

    Code formatting

    It seems like the site update broke formatting for existing posts with code tags. Take a look at this thread. It doesn't look like there's an issue with posts submitted after the update, but it looks pretty awful on existing posts (which make up a majority of our tutorials and snippets).
  7. deus-x

    I'm getting errors that stop my script

    Good job in identifying the exception you're getting, you're on the right track. The stack trace is pointing you towards line 66, which is this: nearestTree = trees[0];An ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception means you're trying to access an element of an array that doesn't exist. If you were to print out your trees array, it'd be empty. Objects#findNearest will always return an array, even if it has a length of 0, so it's important to check if the array actually contains elements before trying to do things with them: trees = Objects.findNearest(25, TREE_ID); if(trees.length > 0) { nearestTree = trees[0];}
  8. deus-x

    Python3 Help Pl0x

    This isn't going to do what you want it to do. It'll just print the first value (in this case, y). If it was reordered to str(x) or str(y), it'd print x first. I would take a few days to look at Learn Python The Hard Way so that you can really digest how Python (and programming in general) works. If you want to have any success as a developer, you need to know how to read and understand code, not just blindly string together things you've seen in other places. In this case, it's pretty clear you don't know how most of what you're writing works. That works at a very basic level, but ultimately you'll be a lot better off if you take the time to really learn what you're doing. Verifying input is definitely important, but all I'm saying is that x = input("Enter a number: ")>> Enter a number: 5is logically equivalent to this:x = int(input("Enter a number: ")>> Enter a number: 5EDIT: In Python 2.7 anyway, might be different (and it looks like it is) for Python 3+.
  9. deus-x

    Python3 Help Pl0x

    >>> x = int(input("Please enter an integer: "))Please enter an integer: 1>>> type(x)<type 'int'>x and y are already integers. You don't need to call int(x) and int(y) again. As for your original question, if you absolutely need this to be a one-liner, you can use a ternary: >>> print("The larger value is %d" % (x if x > y else y))The larger value is 2But ternaries are generally not something you want to use freely, and this code belongs in an if/else block: if x > y: value = xelse: value = y print(value)EDIT: Python is a lot smarter than I give it credit for sometimes: input() will infer types, so you don't even need to do int(input())!
  10. deus-x

    Algorithm for inputting numbers?

    Is there any evidence that Jagex would even notice the difference between entering 28 and some other number? I type 28 or 99 basically every single time. I feel like there are a number of indicators that they'd look at before they were concerned with what you're Make-Xing.
  11. It walked to Rimmington great, but it's just stuck here. Has an update broken it?
  12. I just traded 2M between the accounts and chopped a log on my throwaway and traded it to my mule. It's possible they'd restrict you from trading thousands of logs? I wonder if they just silently removed this. EDIT: Looks like you can't trade some things, you're right. Anything past regular logs are untradable as are ores and runes. I'm sure lobsters aren't tradable either. You're right about selling on the GE as well, Flamo. Looks like you can't sell certain items. I got my hopes up big time :'(
  13. If you don't have too many accounts, just do Romeo and Juliet, Imp Catcher, and Doric's. You can trade your account the items required for those and get them done pretty quickly. Edit: Did they remove this restriction? Hans says one of my new accounts has 22 minutes of in-game time and I was just able to trade off of it to my main. The account has 0 QP.
  14. I stumbled across this idea while researching. I haven't tested it, but I don't see why it wouldn't work. You can still use the Grand Exchange with newly created F2P accounts. Sell the tin (if you can), get your GP, and then on your main account, get some item that no one really buys on the GE, and then set the sell price of it to however much gold your bot account has. Buy that item from the GE from your bot account. The biggest obstacle is finding an item that you can junk trade with, I guess. I just spent the last few mins looking for an F2P one and I couldn't find one.