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  1. I am aware that I cannot sell via this site however I was curious to see how much it is worth 200 QP nearly 10 year old account
  2. Could you make magic imbue possible?
  3. I get this message when I attempt to start my one and only script, I have done a full PC restart twice and closed all Java related software in the task manager. I have also checked the script manager thing to see if someone might have gained access to my account but as far as I can see there is no other script running. Any ideas?
  4. Alright that's good to hear then... just its never happened to me before; ill put it down as a coincidence for now
  5. So I recently purchased this script probably 3 hours ago or so and I have been baby sitting it since to see how it runs and such. Anyway literally 2 minutes ago I got timed out and instantly thought GG rip acc but no... I got the message that I was already logged in? Anyway I typed in my details a second time and it let me back on but I am almost certain that my character had moved in the short time I was disconnected. Can anyone explain this?
  6. Damn, update happens on my last day of membership 98/98 as well haha typical
  7. Hey, such an amazing script I am getting around 84K STR PH as a zerker at 96 STR - not sure how to show proggies otherwise I would do. Just wondering if anyone has a guide or useful scripts to help create a MTD host? I am want to make one as I want to do something on RS while my main trains but I have no idea what an efficient order is starting on a fresh level 3 account is thanks
  8. Thanks for clarifying that man! I will probably be purchasing it soon then
  9. Hey guys, can someone answer two questions: 1 - Am I right in thinking if I purchase the VIP-E membership for TriBot I have access to this and all other scripts 2 - Can someone explain how I would setup for rock caking without Dharoks
  10. Hey guys, can someone explain what a setup for a zerker training strength would be! I am really considering getting this script but a little confused as to how NMZ works as I have never done it I understand the basics but I am a little confused on whether the pots costs is outweighed by the gold you make doing it!