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  1. As the title says, I have one instance open but every time I go to run the script it says that i'm only allowed one, have restarted my pc and checked the running processes, could anyone help?
  2. Have been using script for a few days, flawless, really a good job done, consistent 350k-400k an hour and good mage exp, good job God!
  3. Will try now, thanks for the reply.
  4. Okay, pre-update the scripts i have been using ( daxHunter, USA Lava Dragons, God's Orbs) had been working very well for me, however, after the update different, daxHunter worked for a couple of minutes then started to do nothing and just stand there or just spam to place traps when the trap limit for my level was already reached. For USA's Lava Dragons, whenever it logged from a PKer it would try to log back in but always missclick in the spaces between the worlds so it wouldn't log back in, (admittedly I have seen people saying they had that problem in the past with the script but it was working fine for me before). And finally with God's orbs it would either just stand in Edgeville and spin the camera or stand next to the place you charge the orbs and just say "Anti-ban" and then "Preparing to charge orbs" or something along those lines and continues to flicker between them. I'm not an experienced botter so any insight you could give would help me a lot, if you need anything else or can't understand what I mean just ask. Thanks for the help :).
  5. I have reset my client multiple times and have tries everything that has been suggested to me. Clearly restarting the client two times isn't always much of a fix
  6. Hello, since the OSRS update yesterday, the scripts I have been using have not worked properly. I spoke to someone in the thread of script I use and they said it should be fixed by the next client update, would anyone be able to give me an ETA on when that would be? Thanks.
  7. Thanks for replying man, due to being a noobie when it comes to botting, when will the update be roughly?
  8. Where would i get the backed up files after i delete tribot from the roaming folder? I don't remember backing up the files.
  9. Unfortunately no luck, scripts still messing up.
  10. Been running USA's Lava Drag and God's Orb currently, thanks for the help.
  11. I'm fairly new to botting and today there was an OSRS update, bots were working fine before and then suddenly after the update there are bugs in every one of the scripts. Just wondering if this is normal and how long it will take for the bots to return to working order. Thanks!
  12. Haha will do, after the update today, have you had trouble with the world hopping after logging from a pker?
  13. Yeah but surely it's not as cost effective as the seas as the casts cost way more.
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