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  1. Script is still running flawlessly, 360K+ Hour profit on 8+ hour progs, I love it to death and despite the bans I'm still not dissatisfied with my purchase. Just begging you to create that auto-talker and work w/ the anti-ban so I can continue purchasing this script without too much anxiety Also, you're starting to get competition!! (Maybe more incentive? lmao) https://tribot.org/forums/topic/61405-abc2-closed-beta-netamis-air-orb-crafter-v2/
  2. Name: z00ted Accounts intending to run: 4+, or as many as you need. I have a ton of Air Orb accounts ready to run and have been farming them for a while off of JoeDeezy's script (feel free to check it out). But if this one handles anti-ban and certain functions better, I'll gladly make the switch on its release ^^; Do you promise to report bugs as you find them: Fooo shooo, that's something I already do w/ others and this is my most sought after type of script. I'll gladly help out! Really excited to test this, thank you so much!!
  3. yo, i'd appreciate that sooo much lmao i'm still trying to make the best out of these 30 days w/ accounts im making (starting back up today, gonna see what happens)
  4. Can you make sure it fully kills the pigeons in Port Sarim, please? Thanks
  5. Macroing Major. This script made me lose money/time upon purchasing it, runs very well but Jagex is just monitoring the Air orbs far too intently. I've had 10 accounts banned within a week's time ;\
  6. Can you take a bit of time to make sure that the curser @ Monk of Zamorak doesn't walk out of the door and just stand cursing against a wall without a target? Or walk up stairs? This happens like once every 4 hours on my scripts and ideally I'd want the bot to be as flawless as possible. I'd appreciate it.
  7. Has anyone experienced the script's mouse moving left/right at a super quick pace near the log-out button? Seems like anti-ban isn't working too well and might get our accounts banned at a faster rate ;\ EDIT: Cosign entirely w/ the "threshold" world-hopping idea. Design it similar to hp w/ food?
  8. Why in the world do you have a premium script where certain functions only work on 1 tab per client
  9. Doesn't work @ monk of zamorak? Tried casting confuse there w/ level 3 magic and it just walked to the grand exchange and then started moving the mouse in a horrible bot-like manner. Just purchased the script too ;\
  10. having a similar issue, proxies won't stay saved to the loader past a certain amount (seems like 6 or so) does anyone know the fix to this?
  11. What are you taking into consideration to derive that profit? Air orbs are dropping drastically, too many bots online throughout all hours of the day. 1050 price is ideal, but I can probably guess players are selling for as low as 914 per orb which is ridiculous.
  12. @JoeDeezy1 Script's running pretty flawlessly, but you may want to do something about the idling upon logging in after switching worlds. Decreases profits and kinda makes us more prone to reports from other players. I've found that sometimes the bot idles in the middle of charging orbs on top of after finishing. Like, it'll examine trees and hover mouse to places for anti-ban, but it doesn't recognize that there's still orbs left to be charged. Also, weird question.. but does this also support superantipoison potions?
  13. Why would you use sharks, it's more than possible to run through black demons w/ tuna and 28 HP, just set the health threshold to like 15/16. Black Demons hit max of 14 or 15 of a hit, have your account block w/ the staff and set auto-retaliation to off.
  14. I'm getting the same issue, my proxies were working earlier today. Reinstalled tribot and re-entered proxy information as well ;\ EDIT: It started working. Had to let it sit for a bit and load? No idea lol
  15. yeah ;\, well i still have 1 left. lost a lot preparing for all of this and trying it out lol, but the script currently works!! not entirely sure of the banrate at the moment, since the bans were more than likely due to the idling @ the obelisk and just strange banking behavior (from before).. but i'm creating another 6 and testing one last time before throwing in the towel